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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Personal Story element. For the Mastery Track, see Pact Mentor. For the red Mentoring Tag, see Mentoring Badge.

Racial mentor[edit]

At the start of each racial storyline, a member of Destiny's Edge of the same race as the player's character will join them in their first steps of their adventure. Later in the story they will regularly send a letter to the Commander updating them in their current and upcoming adventures in Dungeons.

Story missions with a mail from the race's mentor:
Level Durmand Priory Order of Whispers Vigil Dungeon introduced
40 Mightier than the Sword An Apple a Day Minister's Defense/Quaestor's Siege Ascalon Catacombs
60 On Red Alert Suspicious Activity Forearmed Is Forewarned Caudecus' Manor
Level All paths Dungeon introduced
70 Forging the Pact Citadel of Flame
80 Temple of the Forgotten God Sorrow's Embrace

Order mentor[edit]

During the order arc which is part IV to part VI of the personal story, your order will assign a mentor to your character.


  • Each of the order mentors wields different weapons in their order's intro cinematic than in battle