Infinite Coil Reactor

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Infinite Coil Reactor

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Infinite Coil Reactor map.jpg
Map of Infinite Coil Reactor

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Infinite Coil Reactor.jpg

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The Infinite Coil Reactor is a major Inquest lab located in Mount Maelstrom. This reactor was built as a replacement for the Thaumanova Reactor which exploded due to Inquest experimentation. Here, they continue their work on chaos magic (which caused the former reactor to go critical) as well as experiment with Elder Dragon energies.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Crucible of Eternity Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone Black
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone Blue (Under Construction)
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone Green
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone Red
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone Violet
Point of interest (map icon).png Zone White
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png IQ1800 LX (69)
Dungeon (map icon).png Crucible of Eternity








Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Saltwater Fish

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Zone Blue
Water Lead Scientist: I'm telling you. This room isn't adequate for the subject.
Water Lead Scientist: I mean, look. There's a fissure in the wall, right here.
Water Lead Scientist: And over here, the floor tile is separating from the wall.
Water Lead Scientist: And why isn't this sealed off?
Veteran Water Foreman: Those are all minor problems we can address.
Water Lead Scientist: Minor problems? We're going to need to overhaul this hub for the subject.
Veteran Water Foreman: Ridiculous. How big can it be? And couldn't they snare a smaller one?
Water Lead Scientist: You saw the hologram of it. That thing is a monster.
Veteran Water Foreman: Oh, that one. Okay, I guess we'll need to overhaul the hub, then.


The map shows this area as Infinite Coil Reactor but the mini-map calls the area Infinity Coil.
  • A gate on the western part of the reactor serves as the entry point. If the gate is locked, Toil for the Coil is the meta event chain necessary to enter the reactor.


  • The original name of this area was Infinity Coil.
  • The six zones of the reactor each correspond to a different Elder Dragon: each houses minions of the relevant dragon and follows a theme that fits that dragon's known location
Zone Elder Dragon Foes Notes
Zone Green Mordremoth Death Blossoms Jungle theme
Zone Black Zhaitan Risen Dark Magic Pillars
Zone Blue Soo-Won None Water floor
Zone Red Primordus Destroyers Fiery theme
Zone Violet Kralkatorrik Branded Branded Crystals
Zone White Jormag Icebrood Icy theme