Minister Brios

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Minister Brios was the Krytan Ministry representative for the Ascalon Settlement. Brios was recently found murdered in one of the poorer areas of Divinity's Reach, having drunk some poisoned red wine. The poison was brought into the city by smugglers, who were suspected by both the Seraph and the Ministry Guard to have been working for the bandits. Why he had rushed downtown without a guard is unknown, but he may have been involved in treason. Minister Brios has an appointment for afternoon tea with Countess Anise on the day that he died.

The Ministry Guard in charge of the investigation into Brios' death, then-Lieutenant Serentine, had her investigation hampered by both Captain Thackeray and Countess Anise herself. Eventually, she was forced to hand over all the evidence to the Seraph. Brios' murder remains unsolved.