Mystic weapons

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Mystic weapons are exotic level 80 weapons created at the mystic forge.



Name Weapon type Crafting components
Mystic Artifact.png Mystic Artifact Focus Ancient Focus Casing.png Ancient Focus Casing
Ancient Focus Core.png Ancient Focus Core
Mystic Barricade.png Mystic Barricade Shield Orichalcum Shield Backing.png Orichalcum Shield Backing
Orichalcum Shield Boss.png Orichalcum Shield Boss
Mystic Battleaxe.png Mystic Battleaxe Axe Orichalcum Axe Blade.png Orichalcum Axe Blade
Small Ancient Haft.png Small Ancient Haft
Mystic Battlehammer.png Mystic Battlehammer Hammer Orichalcum Hammer Head.png Orichalcum Hammer Head
Large Ancient Haft.png Large Ancient Haft
Mystic Caller.png Mystic Caller Warhorn Orichalcum Horn.png Orichalcum Horn
Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece.png Orichalcum Warhorn Mouthpiece
Mystic Claymore.png Mystic Claymore Greatsword Orichalcum Greatsword Blade.png Orichalcum Greatsword Blade
Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt.png Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt
Mystic Crescent.png Mystic Crescent Short bow Ancient Short-Bow Stave.png Ancient Short-Bow Stave
Hardened String.png Hardened String
Mystic Cudgel.png Mystic Cudgel Mace Orichalcum Mace Head.png Orichalcum Mace Head
Small Ancient Haft.png Small Ancient Haft
Mystic Hornbow.png Mystic Hornbow Longbow Ancient Longbow Stave.png Ancient Longbow Stave
Hardened String.png Hardened String
Mystic Pistol.png Mystic Pistol Pistol Orichalcum Pistol Barrel.png Orichalcum Pistol Barrel
Ancient Pistol Frame.png Ancient Pistol Frame
Mystic Rifle.png Mystic Rifle Rifle Orichalcum Rifle Barrel.png Orichalcum Rifle Barrel
Ancient Rifle Stock.png Ancient Rifle Stock
Mystic Spear.png Mystic Spear Spear Orichalcum Spear Head.png Orichalcum Spear Head
Large Ancient Haft.png Large Ancient Haft
Mystic Speargun.png Mystic Speargun Speargun Ancient Harpoon.png Ancient Harpoon
Ancient Rifle Stock.png Ancient Rifle Stock
Mystic Spike.png Mystic Spike Dagger Orichalcum Dagger Blade.png Orichalcum Dagger Blade
Orichalcum Dagger Hilt.png Orichalcum Dagger Hilt
Mystic Staff.png Mystic Staff Staff Ancient Staff Shaft.png Ancient Staff Shaft
Ancient Staff Head.png Ancient Staff Head
Mystic Sword.png Mystic Sword Sword Orichalcum Sword Blade.png Orichalcum Sword Blade
Orichalcum Sword Hilt.png Orichalcum Sword Hilt
Mystic Torch.png Mystic Torch Torch Orichalcum Torch Head.png Orichalcum Torch Head
Ancient Torch Handle.png Ancient Torch Handle
Mystic Trident.png Mystic Trident Trident Ancient Trident Shaft.png Ancient Trident Shaft
Orichalcum Trident Head.png Orichalcum Trident Head
Mystic Wand.png Mystic Wand Scepter Ancient Scepter Core.png Ancient Scepter Core
Ancient Scepter Rod.png Ancient Scepter Rod



The Mystic Sword requires 50 mystic coins instead of the usual 30 mystic coins.