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I guess i'm back. Hi, everyone.

TRR has not got a chosen server at the current time, But it will most likely be English (probably fissure of woe or lakeside country).. If you are in the Americas i regret to say that it's likely we will not be able to get you into this side. Potentially, however, we could make an american Guild with the "same" name. I propose we design some form of voting system for the europians as to which server we go to, preferably out of the two stated earlier. I understand this is a big step but i am welcome to any idea any member of the guild might have.

-Neil / Scarecrow

The Roof Runners

Our sole purpose is to explore and find great places to stay and enjoy the view of our brand new game!

Want to join?

Hook up with Noryaga Sovereign on Guildwars 1


Hook up with The Scarecrow on Guildwars 2!

General Rules:

  • We accept all classes of all races!
  • We like a sense of humour but there's a difference between humor and being an ass.
  • Don't gloat.
  • Please don't do this.
  • Watch your language



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You know you want one...

Remember! you can asign just one of your characters to the guild! (however, we would prefer if it was your main!)

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Once again,since the game isn't released, Neil cant realy put much in...


Just one out of your many characters can join this guild, leaving the rest for others- or even making them join this guild too!