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Hi my name is Andrew (but I prefer my nickname Bames or Bamesinator, long story) and I'm Australian.
I started Guild Wars in April 2005 and have been playing since.
I was a part of If You Build It They Will Come [ekoc] and also was a part of United Aussie Warriors [AUS] in GW1.
I am now a part of the GW2 guild Sentinels of Solaris [SOS] and I am in the Sanctum of Rall server.

My Hall of Monuments

My characters in GW1:
Bruce The Brother - Monk
Valdorr The Vicious - Warrior
Valmir The Swift - Assassin
Supernatural Skills - Ritualist
Outlive Death - Necromancer
Timeless Temper - Dervish

My characters in GW2:
André Jay - Human Guardian
André The Tickler - Human Thief
Aindréas Eucalyptus - Sylvari Ranger
Aindréas Acerbus - Sylvari Necromancer
Andréitt - Asuran Engineer
Andréamm - Asuran Mesmer
Andréson - Norn Warrior
Andréas Greysoul - Charr Elementalist

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