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PastGuild Wars has been a part of my life since its final beta stages, whence a friend had suggested it. Despite a recurring Diablo II addiction, it quickly become a favourite. My first character was a Ranger paired with a loyal wolf animal companion and Elementalist secondary. Throughout my experience, I tended to prefer using bow interrupts and Earth Magic warding spells in favor of protecting the party from harm. That adventure of new game-play and traveling throughout the beautiful Tyria is a memory that I still treasure fondly. With the release of Guild Wars 2, I hope to forge similar lasting memories, both for myself and others.

Present → First and foremost, I am a helper. I aim to please, and sometimes selflessly place friends before myself. Before you think ill of this, I happen to honor the feeling of "being the one who helped." This motif of support echoes into aspects of my characters and play-style, as it just comes second nature to me. I will be there helping others, whenever and however I can, at my utmost dedication and ability.

Future → Ambition is fickle; Time is fleeting. At my current pace, I am doing very little in terms of progress in-game. But, my faith remains for the future of Guild Wars.

External media/contact: Facebook; Blog; see also: digital art