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Hi! Thanks for looking at my page. =)


January 25th, 2015[edit]

Quick update, I'm still around though a bit less active even in-game (dropped by 1h/day since last year).

Not much has changed, except.. EXPANSION HYPE!! I think I almost got a heart attack watching yesterday's reveal, can't wait to try out all of that new stuff!

December 8th, 2013[edit]

Today I got blamed for slacking on wiki in-game, so I decided to at least update this hugely outdated userpage. Be sure to read the all-new GW2 section under "Something boring about me"!

And what I've been up to lately, you don't ask?

I just gained 50 WvW ranks commanding on Friday (last day of season), coz I totally slacked whole season and needed to rush the S1 meta. It was kinda easy since there was almost no resistance from the other servers, but still very exhausting to play like 20 hours WvW straight.

Another recent thing is me buying 17 bag slots and 1 bank tab for a total of ~6000 gems on Monday. I have awaited that sale for quite some time. I'm so broke now, got only 5 gems left.

As for wiki, I currently do not feel like becoming very active again. There is no particular reason for this, I'm just not in the wiki-mood or whatever. I do check wiki often though, so feel free to drop me a message if you need something!

June 14th, 2012[edit]

Another exciting BWE has passed and I've already recorded ~400GBs of footage mostly of events, personal story and dialogues for the wiki! This could take me fairly long to put everything here and my HDDs are getting a bit full, so I might as well just go PvP next time.. Anyway, before I go on editing frenzy, I would like to implement a usable event infobox since the vids feature literally hundreds of events. I will likely get this rolling very soon so be prepared for a flood of new data!

Something Boring about me[edit]

GW1 (historical)[edit]

Guilt This user spent 6613 hours in Guild Wars in 45 months (4.8 h/day).

I bought GW at some time around May 2006 but I didn't have much time for it for the first few months so I actually started playing somewhere around August/September. Today I've got several accounts and Guild Wars is my favorite game. On February 2011 my main account has been hacked through my weak NCSoft Master account password and stripped of several millions of cash in both gold and thousands of items. At first I thought it's a bad thing, but I don't remember when I last had so much space for everything..

GW2 (up to date as of 2015/1/25)[edit]

Guilt This user has spent 3809 hours in GW2 in 49 months (2.6 h/day).

Pre-ordered, playing since first open event. I consider myself an all-around player, doing all types of content that is thrown at me. Sometimes I might roll through PvE world bosses, other time conquer players in sPvP, then gloriously command in WvW, then some jumping puzzles, then some dungeons/fractals, then Crab Toss.. yeah, basically everything the game offers. I'm usually not farming anything particular for long, unless I'm trying to rush some time-limited achiev since I'm a "completionist" (done all the LS stuff so far).

I'm an extreme hoarder, and I'm sure in the end it will only bring me sadness. I have 11 bank slots full of stuff I'm most likely never going to use, such as items from previous releases which are no longer available. The stuff is mostly useless but holds sentimental value to me, a good example would be Refugee Child's Drawing. I also can't get myself to use any one-time things such as the birthday gift. Once I use it, it'd be forever gone, and I just can't make that happen!

My very first "main" character is a ranger. However, I started to like guardian more and more over time and now consider them both main-ish or something. I haven't really gotten into the other professions yet, but they all seem fun.. I'd like to try some serious stuff on necro or ele next. Update: Necro is srs now.

I bought like 10000 gems since release, but I also exchanged A LOT of gold (3 server transfers + other stuff as seen below). I was very active around release so I got some gems for very cheap (1g = 350gems, anyone remembers?). Already had 8 char slots purely from in-game exchange in like, the first month. And I didn't even know what's CoF/farming. Good times.

My priorities in the game are, somewhat in order:

  1. hoard everything except gold, have fun, never miss time-limited stuff
  2. max gear, skill (as in being good)
  3. looks

As for my progress, which I'm sure you're all highly interested in:[edit]

First of all, hackers, if you're checking this out, note that I have actually no gold at all since I'm constantly throwing it all away in exchange for gemstore stuff of no value.
    • WvW: Guardian, rank ~200. I'd say I'm pretty average at WvW overall.
    • sPvP: Ranger/Necro rank 32. I'd say I'm pretty average/bad overall, but I'm having a lot of fun in sPvP.
    • Activities: Love them, especially Crab Toss which I'm also really good at. Kinda don't like sprint because of all the waiting around (sprint=waiting, see the irony?!).
    • Fractals: lvl 35. I'm mainly playing ranger there, but would like to gear up my guardi as well.
    • Dungeons: Know them well except for Arah, HotW and CoE.
    • World Bosses: Triple trouble is great.. I still remember attempting 1st worldwide kill and failing more than 100 times.
    • Jumping puzzles: Done like 70% of them.
    • Crafting: maxed 500 artificer/weaponsmith/armorsmith/leatherworker, rest 400.
    • Dyes: I never use dyes. My looks is usually the last thing I care about, if at all.
    • Gear: Full ascended on my guardi, other toons just have random exo gear and some ascended jewels or a weapon. I don't have any legendary and I'm not even working on it.
    • Account upgrades/gemstore stuff: got 9 character slots, eight of which are at or near lvl 80 (one of each prof), last slot is free - reserved for future prof or temp characters, bought it on sale. I have all bank tabs (11) and max bagslots on most characters (missing 3 bags). I also have all the unlimited gathering tools except ghost in a box which I didn't like. I also have a copper-fed salvage-o-matic. I never buy boosters or stuff like that, I may buy skins in the future if I really like them though.
    • Achievements: 15318, out of which 8813 are permanent.


I travel the world of wikis about Guild Wars since March 14, 2007 at 17:25. My username remains the same across all wikis if you'd ever want to contact me elsewhere.

    • Activity: I don't have much time on my hands lately. There's always many things to do, but recently I'm quite active. Random.
    • SO inactive that I got bumped about it in-game.
    • Current Wiki tasks (unlikely to ever be done):
      • Might take a look on Template:NPC_infobox.
      • Browse through my beta video records and implement everything I see. If I do this fast it could take less than a year I guess. Well, not really, can't be that fast.
        • Progress of videos thoroughly searched through and info put on wiki:
          • Stress Test1 vids: 11/11
          • BWE2 vids: 0/80


None, too much slacking atm.


I started on Seafarer's Rest and then transfered a few times along with the ex-guild: SFR->Ruins of Surmia->SFR->Far Shiverpeaks

Thinking of returning to SFR now..

Most recent non-GW2 activities[edit]

Programming or occasionally playing some other games like 7Kingdoms/Navyfield NA/Age of Empires III/War Thunder/Counter Strike:Source.


  • Programmer and I love it. Currently I'm doing web programming, BUT I'm not doing that kind of stuff like homepage for some store or whatever. I'm doing like really just back-end stuff. I should note I kinda suck at design/front-end, all I can do with graphics is somewhat cut it using MS Paint or at most remove background with Gimp when I feel adventurous.
    • Programming stuff I know well: PHP, SQL, JS, DOM, JSON, CSS, OOP, Bash, Git, HTML
    • Programming stuff I've also done: Java, XSLT, C++, wikicode

Random thoughts/rants[edit]

If your current Internet browser crashes all the time or requires you to download thousands of add-ons which will only make it unstable and buggy or likes to eat up all your memory, you should consider downloading Opera which is so far the best browser from what I've tried.

I hate the new Blink-Opera too, which is really just Chrome. I hate all browsers now, currently I'm sticking with the old Opera 12..

Update: Slowly moving on to new Opera since more and more pages crash in O12 and there's really not much choice right now. Closely watching the Otter project though, which aims to recreate an O12-like browser.