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RAWR! IM A TACO! Mah Userspace

ingame name - Zelda Luver (necro in the pics)

User Victor6267 Gw118.jpgUser Victor6267 Guildmates.jpg User Victor6267 Gw091.jpgUser Victor6267 Gw144.jpg

Couple of guildies takin cool pics
My HoM
  • Zelda Luver - Male Charr Necromancer, Blood Leigon, Order of Whispers, Trickster Demon, Ferocity.
  • Tacos Roar - Female Norn Elementalist, Air Magic, Snow Leopard, Vigil, Dignity.
  • My Guild Loves Me - Male Charr/Norn Warrior, Ash Leigon/Snow Leopard, Order of Whispers, No Helm, Ferocity.
  • My Guild Abuses Me - Male Human "rouge" , Streets, Charming, Durmand Priory, Blessed by Grenth, Never got to join circus.
  • Da Taco Monster - Female Sylvari Ranger, Durmand Priory Charming.

User Neil2250 The Roof Runners Thumbnail.Jpg This User is part of...
The Roof Runners.
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Mini Eir Stegalkin.png This user is a norn.

User Neil2250 Cat lover.gif This user is blessed by the great spirit of snow leopard.
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