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I am currently looking to completely redo my userpage. I was thinking of something cleaner, like all white backgrounds with thin black borders. If somebody could help me out with that, that would be amazing.[edit]

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GuildWars Characters

NecromancerDevrim Kaede

AssassinHokaku Kaede

DervishIsidor Kaede

RangerDarkshot Kaede

RitualistEthera Kaede

About Me

Hello there. You may call me Artaxerxes Kaede, Orion Slashback, Peter Panhandle, or Timmy The Defiled, though none of those are my real name. You may also call me Captain Yang, but that is, alas, not my name either. I have been playing Guild Wars for some time now, yet I never got too involved in the wiki. I have decided to start Guild Wars 2 with a clean slate. This of course means getting the special pre-order edition when it is available (Bonus items pretty please? =D), but also being more involved with the wiki, and the Guild Wars 2 community in general. Thus, I made a Wiki account, and have so far enjoyed making contributions to whatever article in need I come across.

Predictions for GW2[edit]



  • Ranger, confirmed.
  • Assassin, incriminating concept art and screenshots of the game. Might have a name change.
  • Corsair. Yeah, corsairs. I think it's gonna be the primary firearms profession, sort of like the ranger but calling on machinery and firepower rather than the spirits of the wild. See [1]


  • Warrior, confirmed.
  • Paragon, but reworked to feel more like a paladin. Merged with the monk for some minor healing and condition removal, but will be mainly a damage class, be it due to magic or meele (hmm...spellblade? =D).
  • you
Guild Wars 2 Characters

NecromancerArtaxerxes Sefr, the Asura necromancer

AssassinArtaxerxes Kaede, the human/asura assassin.

Pistol concept art.jpgArtaxerxes Grim, the charr corsair/gunman/whatever. White fur with black stripes please!