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User Amannelle Mural--Framed.jpg Welcome!

Welcome to my userpage! Just sit back and relax in the peaceful meadows of the mind; or as I call: Eisoptroelle. :) Regardless of time of day or the weather outside, Eisoptroelle is always peaceful and warm, the sun shining upon it. :D Eisoptroelle is a memory; a feeling. It is the symbol of our happy place, our peaceful state of mind. It could be memories of watching clouds on a sunny day, or running through green pastures. It is an ocean, it is a mountain, it is a world; it is YOUR world. Come, join me in tranquility. :)

About Me

I am the average "creative genius"; talented, handsome, and above all: humble. Haha ok I WISH I were those things, but really I'm just an average teenager with no particular talents. I do, however, enjoy art and music, as well as some literature. I'm really new to this site, but everyone here has been SO nice to me, and have really helped me (for instance: This userpage! Thanks /u/nendingfear and Mat Cauthorn!).


I'm REALLY excited about GW2, and I have even made suggestions for it. :D I'm hoping to be a Sylvari when the game comes out (or, if my idea somehow magically ends up being accepted, then a Lyren), and I will probably choose Springtime or Summertime. :)

My Plans[edit]

'Character 1:

Character Name: Azrael Meiri

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Profession: Mesmer


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