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Ghastly weapon's look so awesome ^^

Hey everyone, I'm Eculiny

Hey I'm Eculiny New Krytan alphabet E.pngNew Krytan alphabet C.pngNew Krytan alphabet U.pngNew Krytan alphabet L.pngNew Krytan alphabet I.pngNew Krytan alphabet N.pngNew Krytan alphabet Y.png and I am 16 and living in Wellington, New Zealand. AA Batteryboy is my best friend who also plays guild wars and is here on the wiki. I am a huge fan of Guild Wars and have been playing since 2006. I seriously can't wait until the day Guild Wars 2 comes out, whenever that day may be. In the future I hope to become an animator for a company such as Weta Digital, but for the meantime I make models on Google Sketchup, so if you're into it I suggest you take a look at my Google Sketchup Models. I am by default a Playstation gamer but PC is great too ^^. If you have a PSN account, please feel free to add me, my PSN is also Eculiny, :) I play alot of FPS games. If you would rather play Guild Wars please add me on there too ;) my username is Killing Striker, I do alot of Glints Challenge and Zaishen Elite. I love to listen to rock and metal bands like ACDC, Metallica, Paramore, Guns 'n Roses and I'll also add in Flight of the Conchords :). I play guitar and also do a bit of parkour/freerunning as hobbies and I play badminton as a sport. The thing I like to do the most though, is drawing, even if i don't do it much.

My Thoughts on Guild Wars 2

To put it simply, Guild Wars 2 looks AWESOME lol :) i really want to know more about the customization of characters. the new dye system looks great but i want to know more about the customization of the actual character, like if it will be similar to whats on Guild Wars, or if it will be more in depth like what is used in games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion. also wondering what we can customize to do with the body of our characters (probably not dramatically though because of the armours), like changing the bust on the females or the shape of the body, ect. also wondering about the limitations of the exploration, like if we can jump up onto buildings and jump between them, if we can go inside lots of buildings as most open world games dont let you do this, and also because of the jump feature will there be platforming.

My Drawings

User eculiny charr concept-my drawing.jpg this is my first drawing done on my tablet =] its one of the swords in a charr weapon set concept

User eculiny centaur concept-my drawing.jpg my second drawing on my tablet =] it is a sword from a centaur weapon set concept

User eculiny evil sword concept-my drawing.jpg another GW2 sword, not sure what the name of the weapon set is though. it is double the resolution of the previous 2