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Welcome to my personal Guild Wars 2 Wiki[edit]


Hello my name is Bryan, and I've been playing Guild Wars 1 since the Prophecies.

This page is all about my way into Guild Wars 2, my upcoming characters and their progress into the game when it will begin.

Feel free for any idea's, back-up or help considering my page, my characters or Guild Wars 2, I'm quite up to date on stuff, so I might be able to provide some information.

I've played Guild Wars 2 on Gamescom 2010 AND 2011.

Gamescom 2010

Human Ranger (Basically learning mechanics, and trying to see as much of the world as possible)
Charr Warrior (Doing some small time events and, fighting The Shatterer)
Charr Elementalist (Same as the Charr Warrior)

Gamescom 2011

Sylvari Thief (Checking all the new changes, Sylvari area's, doing the Undead Ship event and Tequatl the Sunless)
Norn Guardian (Checking the starting Norn area, competing in some events, learning the Guardian Mechanics)

On Gamescom 2011, I spoke with Colin Johanson and asked him about the rarity's of items and weapons. I gave him an example like what would happen if Magdaer would be obtainable in game, would it be a Gold rarity, or will it have a special color rarity. He answered me that they haven't thought of that before, and will look into that, however considering Magdaer. There will be a way to obtain/wield or something special around it. He was a little vague about you really could obtain the full weapon, or something alike. So there will definitely be something great about it!

Upcoming Guild Wars 2 Characters[edit]

I'm aware that we don't have any clue about how many character slots we will be having. However they said plenty!

Old Guild Wars 1 Characters Returning[edit]

Kilik Eternal Sun/Tomoko Eternal Life

Kilik Eternal Sun is the descender from his great grandfather Kilik Razing Flames, since the day The Great Destroyer was defeated, an unknown curse, was cast on Kilik, his strength slowly went away and became more exhausted by the day. During the war with the White Mantle in Lion's Arch, Kilik collapsed, he was taken away by the defenders and was nursed during the fight. When the White Mantle started to breach through the defenses, they came into Queen Salma's last stand. Kilik who could barely stand, kept on fighting, with help from Tomoko, they could push away the attackers. The battles was won after hours of struggling. But by than Kilik would already know, that every legacy would come to an end.

Others went onward to Cantha to deal with the problems who would appear there, Kilik and Tomoko have gone casual, to live their lives together. After approx. 18 years of fighting and wars in Tyria, Cantha and Elona. They finally had rest, the couple had the blessing of receiving a son. This son have seen his father die. During an enormous earthquake, Kilik's village began to shatter apart. Kilik and Tomoko who were both over their 60's. Had no strength left in their bodies, it has been tormented too much to live a normal life, they have seen friends die, villagers murders. Outrageous executes. Mentally they were in no condition to move on. They died with broken hearts, but with completed souls. For they had saved millions of lives, but he passed away, had a son, and we're still together in the process. The last thing he ever saw in life, was the black skin of the dragon they call Primorius. And with a cold breath, he passed away.

What many did not know is that Kilik was a right-hand of a certain man. This man was named Blaze Razing Sun. Blaze was the leader of the legion named; The Razing Flames, as he was the leader of this legion, he was named "The Sun". After he passed away during the Tyrian War with the White Mantle, Kilik received the blessing of becoming the next Sun, if he survived! Even though Kilik didn't do much after being promoted with this honor. He had promoted his son as the real Sun. Since everyone in the legion never doubted Kilik's might and decisions, they agreed with this decision.

His son, named Kenny. Lived a short and tormented life, he had a childhoods love whom he married when he was 20 years old. His wife named Kyra, wasn't a fighter, most of the time she was hidden away, safely in refugees, while Kenny was out with his legion. Then the horrible came when Kenny was captured during an attack on Primorius, taken and tormented. This eyes were cut out, his fingers were broken, finger by finger and was finally decapitated. Kyra who was aware of this situation, felt this in her heart. She died that same day, of a shattered heart.

The son, of who we still do not know the real name. Was taken by the other refugees, and raised in Divinity's Reach, the refugees who took him, told him all about his history. Because Kilik was very known in the area. But they never asked for the boys name. They called him Tudor, which means, The Divine Gift. Tudor is the father of the Kilik we are about to meet. Tudor has spend his life studying his past and what greatness his ancestors gave him. Tudor also has a daughter, which has the name; "Tomoko Eternal Life". Because he felt the love, his great grandmother always had for others. A Legion was born that day, Tomoko was the first of a rising legion, she would build herself, in honor for her great grandmother. Her brother Kilik, is the first the restart the disbanded legion called.. The Razing Flames, but to start with a clean story. The name has been renamed to Eternal Flame. This is the story of Kilik and Tomoko, great granddaughters, of 2 great heroes, who walked Tyria, to protect the world, with their own lives, with strength and love.

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