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Name: Mark

Rank: Rankless

Guild: I currently signed up for TIG, Too, The Roofrunners and possibly DDD

Characters: Female Human Necromancer, Male Charr Caster (probably elementalist, have to see the new professions though), Female Norn Ranger, Sylvari Mesmer and then I'll have to see how many slots are available.

Country of Residence: The Netherlands

Check out the background stories I've written for my characters on the stories tab^^.

Also Check out my userboxes, because I WILL stea-uhm borrow more from random other pages!

Character Names:

Female Human Necro: Isolde The Beast

Male Charr Ele: Eogort Deathslash

Female Norn Ranger: Inga Leikurdottir

Sylvari Mesmer:

Check it out: My event! :D

Hope to see you in-game^^