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Hi all, I'm Necro Shea mo. You can call me Necro, Shea, Necromancer, or Shea mo. I really could care less which. I'm enjoying going around and looking at various pages (user, main, or other)! I've finally pre-ordered/pre-purchased the game!!

Oh. Need me in a flash? (Though why you would is beyond me...) Email me at!

Hola a todos, soy Necro Shea mo. Puedes llamarme Necro, Shea, Nigromante, o Shea mo. Realmente me importa un bledo lo que. Estoy disfrutando de dar la vuelta y mirando a varias páginas (usuario, principal, o de otro tipo)!

Oh. ¿Necesitas de mí en un instante? (Aunque por las que se está más allá de mí ...) Me un correo electrónico a!

^^Lol at my grammar....

So far....[edit]

Sorry I haven't been on much, it's been a busy couple of months, as I've been working on my book.
넼로 사이 모
Некро Шеай мо
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Nëkrö Ša Mo


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