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I enjoy long walks on the beach and screenshots, seriously, screenshots. LOTS OF SCREENSHOTS. It's addictive, I recommend you to not screenshot the game, I must have over 25 000 screens now, combined over all my computers. But fear not, most are multiple screens of the same thing happening, the more screens/angles, the btter are the chances for a great screenshot. I plan to post some screens in the future, magical numbers like 666, 13, 42 and 1337(screen 338 in the next folder), just so I can show you my adventures and how beautiful they are.

I am also hoping to build a reputation as Professor Prankk of the bank roof krewe. On the server of Desolation I plan to invite strangers and friends alike up to the bank roof top with my magical portal. I do this on holidays and I wish for people to enjoy the view, sync dance with me and jump down and die. I've done this on halloween already when i was on Piken Square, and I've been doing it a bit now on Wintersday.


A F K When Needed
The Holy Dragons


The Holy Dragons - My nemesis, also, not really my nemesis.