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I go under the alias of Prince Grazel but just call me Grazel since that is my general gaming name.
I've been playing GW1 since July 2005 that's pretty much from the beginning.
Of course I'm very eager to play GW2

GW1 Characters[edit]

These are my current GW characters all of 'em are lvl 20 except my elementalist he's 16
Grazel The Slayer:
Dervish (Main) - uses condition build
Sniping God:
Ranger - Barrager
Fighting Dead:
Necromancer - Mostly Minion Master
Ascalonian Knight:
Warrior - don't really have a real skill set for this one xD
Sensei Monk:
Monk - Healing but don't play on it anymore 'cuz its getting kinda boring
Prince Grazel:
Assassin - Moebius Blossom build
Grazel The Ghost:
Ritualist - Spirit Spammer of course
Grazel The Ancient:
Elementalist - Some sucky unfinished build

My GW2 Predictions[edit]

Predictions made on 14/08/2010

GW2B Characters[edit]

Here are the characters I will be making if at least the desired professions and enough character slots will be available

1.Prince Grazel[edit]

Race: Asura
College: Dynamics if the colour of golem changes depending on the college... otherwise Statics.
Profession: (Dervish, probably won't be in gw2) Assassin/Ranger/Necromancer/Elementalist practically could be anything but a warrior xd

2.(open to suggestions)[edit]

Race: Sylvari
Season: Spring
Profession: Elementalist

3.Grazel The Beast[edit]

Race: Norn
Totem: Wolf
Profession: Ranger

4.Undead Grazel[edit]

Race: Charr
High Legion: Blood
Profession: Necromancer

(5.)(open to suggestions)[edit]

Race: Human
Heritage: Elonian
Profession: Depends on what new professions there will be

(6.)(open to suggestions)[edit]

Race: Asura
College: probably the other one than my previous
Profession: Depends on what new professions there will be

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