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Disambig icon.png This article is about the equipment. For the player statistic, see Armor (attribute).

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Armor is equipment that is worn to increase defense against damage dealt by foes, provide attribute bonuses and change a character's appearance. There are six pieces of armor which can be worn: headgear, shoulderwear, chestwear, handwear, legwear and footwear.


Additionally you have an aquatic headgear sometimes called breathing apparatus, that you will equip automatically underwater.

Aquatic Headwear

Armor is divided into three levels, light, medium, and heavy. Each profession can only wear one level of armor:

Basic Attributes[edit]

All armor has a defense rating; the total of your defense from all equipped armor is included (along with your toughness) in your armor statistic, which reduces the damage you receive from direct attacks (but not from conditions or falling). In addition, armor can provide up to 3 attribute bonuses based on its prefix, and often includes a slot for an upgrade component.

Armor's defense and attribute bonuses increase as the armor's level requirement goes up (with the quality remaining the same) or when the quality goes up (when the level requirement remains the same). See Item Quality for more information on how quality affects item statistics.



Armor can be acquired in several different ways:

Dungeon armor[edit]

See also: Dungeon armor

Cultural armor[edit]

  • Every race has race-specific cultural armor sets available for purchase in their respective capital cities. Cultural armor is divided into three tiers of light, medium and heavy, meaning each race has access to nine exclusive sets. Cultural armor can be purchased with coin and is level restricted.



Primary article: Dye
Combat view of the equipment tab.

Newly equipped armor will automatically acquire the dye scheme of your current armor, or as far as possible due to differences in the number of dye channels. Each armor piece can have up to four dye channels that affect different portions of the armor.

To change the color of your equipped armor, open the Hero Panel to the Combat View of the Equipment, and select the Eyedropper icon above the armor.

Upgrade components[edit]

Every piece of armor comes with a slot that can be used to apply an upgrade component, which grant additional combat bonuses to the armor. Each upgrade component has six levels of bonuses. For example, for each Superior Rune of the Warrior a character has equipped, they gain one extra bonus from the Superior Rune of the Warrior bonus list. If the Rune is added to each of the six armor pieces, all of the bonuses that the upgrade provides will be unlocked.


Primary article: Transmutation

The appearance of an armor piece can be joined with the statistics of another by using a transmutation stone.


Guild Wars 2 includes an armor repair system. Every time a character is defeated (after being downed and failing to rally) one piece of armor is damaged. Once all armor pieces are damaged, each subsequent defeat will break a piece of armor at random and the character will have to repair or replace it. Broken armor will offer no benefit to its wearer.[1]

Being defeated from falling does not damage armor


  • Armor is also restricted by character level; it can only be worn once that level requirement is met.
  • Armor statistics and bonuses can be changed during customization, which means that the armor benefits are not tied to its appearance.
  • Players also have the option to wear clothing and are able to wear almost anything worn by NPCs. For example, a merchant's garb or blacksmith's aprons can be worn by the player, as well as armor sets of various groups such as the Seraph or Wardens.[2]
  • Each race has several armor sets which are restricted to that race. Other armors are designed to be worn by all races.[3]
  • Armors can be previewed in the Heart of the Mists at the PvP locker.

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