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Playing with the Infants

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Playing with the Infants is an achievement in Gyala Delve that involves playing with shrine guardian infants.


This achievement rewards items. Playing with the Infants Delve into the Haze 4Achievement points
Play with all of the shrine guardian infants in Gyala Delve at least once.Our guardians said we could play here!
  • Tier
1: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
2: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
3: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
4: Jade Runestone.png Jade Runestone (2)

  • Lounging on an island.
  • Sitting under a tree's shade.
  • Loves shipwrecks.
  • Hiding under a lieutenant's platform.
  • Listening to the sounds of a waterfall.
  • Pretending to be a giant hermit crab.
  • Admiring mushrooms.
  • Staring at underground crystals.
  • Snoozing by an air filter.
  • At the bottom of a ravine.
  • At a recently established camp.
  • Sightseeing at a jade wall.
  • Likes to watch jade being cut down.
  • Camping around a crashed mining rig.
  • Hiding in a water-pump system.
  • Hiding among ancient seashells.
  • Likes to watch trains.
  • Near a giant chainsaw.
  • Playing lookout near a bridge.
  • Splashing near underground vegetation.
Played with 5 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points
Played with 10 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points
Played with 15 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points
Played with 20 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points


There are five types of hidden locations:

  1. Hidden under a rock
  2. Hidden by crates (stack/move)
  3. Hidden by crates that have to be destroyed with a Tree Branch (The Springer's or Raptor's engage skill will also work)
  4. A series of checkpoints
  5. Interact with nearby objects in some order

The first three hidden caches require the player to pick up an unmarked object. Either the rock itself, a tree branch from a stack of wood with which the nearby crates have to be destroyed or a crate itself, which in return has to be stacked on other nearby crates or moved to match some pattern. Completing each challenge reveals a previously hidden Glorious Canthan Chest.

Objective Map Location Closest landmark Type Notes

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