Letters from E

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Letters from E is an The Head of the Snake collection achievement.


Letters from E The Head of the Snake 5Achievement points
Find the letters scattered around Lake Doric from E.
Collected 8 Items of E's 5Achievement points


See E's Correspondence.


This achievement involves finding Letters hidden around Lake Doric.

Letter Location
1 Inside one of the tents, in the centaur camp. (Chieftain's Hollow)
2 On the top floor of the building at which the Saidra's Haven renown heart NPC Baron Jon Xander is standing on the balcony.
3 On the beach next to shipwrecked rations, east of Defense Headquarters.
4 Next to Logan Thackeray, Defense Headquarters.
5 On the upper levels of the bar in Lakeside Bazaar.
6 Next to the Melandru's Flourish Vista in Lakeside Bazaar.
7 East of the back entrance to Caudecus's Manor near Eastern Divinity Reservoir.