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Cin Business

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Cin Business is a an achievement from the The Head of the Snake release that requires players to find 18 items of interest to Cin in Lake Doric.


This achievement rewards items. Cin Business The Head of the Snake 5Achievement points
Find goods that might interest Cin—some that he lost, some that he wants to sell."What have you got for ol' Cin, eh?"
Reward: Sentient Oddity.pngSentient Oddity

Found 18 of Cin's Goods 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


Item Map Hint Notes
Dredge Tank Blueprint.pngShipping Orders Shipping Orders location.jpg Found in Lakeside Bazaar. Found in one of the upstairs rooms of the Lakeview Villa, closest to Waypoint (map icon).png Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint.
Plate of Truffle Steak.pngWhite Mantle Rations - Carried by White Mantle forces. Drops from White Mantle enemies in Lake Doric.
Tattered Pelt.pngWarm Animal Pelt Warm Animal Pelt location.jpg Found in the Harvest Cascades. In the Noran's Homestead basement. Once you get past the door to the basement, take a right and interact with the crate of pelt.
Compact Hardened Sharpening Stone.pngTower Shard Tower Shard location.jpg Found in Watchtower Cliffs. Interact with Tower Stones in Watchtower Cliffs.
Hard Wood Log.pngCord of Stolen Wood See event for map Carried by Bandit Spirits in Doric Lumberyard. Dropped by Bandit Spirit during the Solve the mysterious happenings frightening Seraph lumber workers and at night time. Also dropped by Bandit Spirits not associated with the event which can appear in and North of the lumberyard.
Raven Offering.pngQuaggan Food Quaggan Food location.jpg Found near Saidra's Haven. Interact with the Quaggan Food on a raft floating in the lake north of Saidra's Haven.
Krytan Greatsword.pngFancy Greatsword Fancy Greatsword location.jpg Found in Doric's Landing. Beyond the training grounds in a tent near Exemplar Caulden.
Fishing Supplies (trophy).pngFishing Supplies Fishing Supplies location.jpg Found in New Loamhurst. Interact with a pot inside a house in the north of the village.
Enscribed Vollym Forget-Me-Not.pngLost Locket Lost Locket location.jpg Found in the river around the Peach Tree. Found in the water at the back of Watcher's Hollow at the north part of the map.
Magic-Imbued Peach Core.pngMagic-Imbued Peach Core Magic-Imbued Peach Core location.jpg Found in Watcher's Hollow. Consume the Magic-Imbued Peach acquired from talking to the Nature's Watcher next to the Peach Tree.
Quaggan's Pearl.pngPearl Shell Pearl Shell location.jpg Found in Eastern Divinity Reservoir. Interact with the child behind the sewer grate near the PoI.
Marinated Mushroom.pngBloodstone-Infused Toadstool Bloodstone-Infused Toadstool location.jpg Found in Melandru's Refuge. Interact with Bloodstone-Infused Toadstools.
Inquest Targeting Reticle.pngPinkeens's Sextant Pinkeens's Sextant location.jpg Found in Saidra's Haven. Interact with Pinkeen's Forgotten Chest on the SS Pinkeens.
Mystic Cloth.pngMystic Cloth See events related to the NPC Carried by Justiciar Agatha in Saidra's Haven. Dropped by Justiciar Agatha.
Bloodstone Visage.pngQueenslayer Jade Chunk See events related to the NPC Carried by Legendary Cairn the Queenslayer in New Loamhurst. Defeat Legendary Cairn the Queenslayer.
Spicy Flank Steak.pngStolen Flank Steak See events related to the NPC Carried by Siegemaster Immelhoof in Watchtower Cliffs and the Harvest Cascades. Defeat Siegemaster Immelhoof.
Courage.pngBottle of White Mantle Red Wine Bottle of White Mantle Red Wine location.jpg Found in Fort Evennia. Bottle of White Mantle Red Wine can be collected from the outside balcony on the second floor of a building on the east side at the north end of Fort Evennia.

Hint: Talk to Exemplar Ylan and get a disguise, then enter Fort Evennia.

Green Wood Plank.pngDoric Dam Splinter Doric Dam Splinter location.jpg Found in Mantle's Breach. North of Doric's Landing Waypoint, between the rocks of the broken dam.