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Lake Doric White Mantle Control

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Lake Doric White Mantle Control

Lake Doric
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Meta event
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Lake Doric White Mantle Control is a map wide meta event that takes place in Lake Doric. It is constantly running on the map, with various stages happening at set intervals: either the White Mantle will launch an assault on one of three settlements around the map at fixed times, or the Seraph will prepare a counter-attack to liberate these locations. Whenever one of these stages starts, a message will be broadcast across the map that one side will be preparing an attack, then 5 minutes later, the location will be announced.

Lake Doric Seraph Control.png Lake Doric White Mantle Control.png
Icons used by popups related to Seraph and White Mantle


  • The White Mantle are preparing a counter-attack.
  • The White Mantle are quiet.
  • The Seraph are preparing an assault.
  • No areas are currently under attack (If all areas are under White Mantle control)

Meta events[edit]

Event schedule[edit]

Settlement Mantle attack begins at
Noran's Homestead 04:30
Saidra's Haven 05:00
New Loamhurst 05:45
Next cycle 06:00
Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


  • Triggering one stage will change the meta event of the White Mantle Siege of New Loamhurst, the White Mantle Siege of Saidra's Haven, or the White Mantle Siege of Hunter's Cascade.
  • Any events where the Seraph are retaking an area from the White Mantle cannot fail, they will just stay in a state of being uncompleted.
  • The White Mantle will launch an attack according to the schedule whenever a settlement is defended by the Seraph, even if it has only just been liberated.