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Lake Doric Insight: Watcher's Hollow

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Lake Doric Insight: Watcher's Hollow

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Harvest Cascades
(Lake Doric)
Mastery Insight
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Interactive map (Upper level)

Lake Doric Insight: Watcher's Hollow is a mastery insight in Lake Doric.



Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Red Leaf Retreat Waypoint, head east past Noran's Homestead and then north to a gap between the cliffs (with the world map open, this gap is north of the final "s" in "Harvest Cascades").

Begin ascending the Peach Tree's central hillock on the north-eastern side of it, jumping and gliding across the pillars standing in the river as necessary.

From the Peach Tree, head east along the ledges past the spiders. You will emerge from the hollow and find yourself looking down upon the Watchtower Cliffs. Walk west past the trees to reach the mastery insight. There are two vistas en-route.

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