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Machined weapons

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Machined weapons are exotic level 80 weapons rewarded for completing an associated collection. These collections are unlocked when the associated Plated weapon is either purchased in Dragon's Stand from the Whispers Keeper or chosen from the Plated Weapon Cache in the Mordremoth Cache.

Acquiring these weapons is part of the Machined Weapons collection achievement.


Each collection requires the following:

  • Acquiring a one-handed weapon costs a total of 350 Airship Part + 350 Lump of Aurillium + 350 Ley Line Crystal + 2 Reclaimed Metal Plate + 24 Silver coin (including the plated weapon, excluding the charged and machined parts).
  • Acquiring a two-handed weapon costs a total of 400 Airship Part + 400 Lump of Aurillium + 400 Ley Line Crystal + 3 Reclaimed Metal Plate + 24 Silver coin (including the plated weapon, excluding the charged and machined parts).
  • Acquiring the whole machined weapon collection costs a total of 5,900 Airship Part + 5,900 Lump of Aurillium + 5,900 Ley Line Crystal + 38 Reclaimed Metal Plate + 3 Gold coin 84 Silver coin (including the plated weapons, excluding the charged and machined parts).


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Machined Axe.pngMachined Axe Axe
Machined Dagger.pngMachined Dagger Dagger
Machined Mace.pngMachined Mace Mace
Machined Pistol.pngMachined Pistol Pistol
Machined Scepter.pngMachined Scepter Scepter
Machined Sword.pngMachined Sword Sword
Off hand
Machined Focus.pngMachined Focus Focus
Machined Shield.pngMachined Shield Shield
Machined Torch.pngMachined Torch Torch
Machined Warhorn.pngMachined Warhorn Warhorn
Machined Greatsword.pngMachined Greatsword Greatsword
Machined Hammer.pngMachined Hammer Hammer
Machined Longbow.pngMachined Longbow Longbow
Machined Rifle.pngMachined Rifle Rifle
Machined Short Bow.pngMachined Short Bow Short bow
Machined Staff.pngMachined Staff Staff



  • Machined weapons are a component of many specialization weapon collections.
  • All machined weapons have the choking damage type.
  • Machined weapons will remain as account bound even after equipping them on a character.
  • Using a place of power to charge a weapon component will simultaneously charge all relevant components in your inventory.
  • When collecting a machined weapon component from the Dragon's Stand Meta Chest, only one random piece will be awarded at a time but it is guaranteed where as the noxious pods have only a small chance of dropping the item. If a player has multiple Machined Weapon collections open at one time, it will give a random piece from the player's current open collections that they have not yet received.

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