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Plated weapons

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Plated weapons

Plated weapons can be purchased for jungle map currencies and reclaimed metal plates in Dragon's Stand.


  • The merchant, Whispers Keeper located in Dragon's Stand.
    • One-Handed Weapons cost 100 Airship Part + 100 Lump of Aurillium + 100 Ley Line Crystal + Reclaimed Metal Plate.png
    • Two-Handed Weapons cost 150 Airship Part + 150 Lump of Aurillium + 150 Ley Line Crystal + Reclaimed Metal Plate.png
    • Buying the whole collection costs 1,900 Airship Part + 1,900 Lump of Aurillium + 1,900 Ley Line Crystal + 38 Reclaimed Metal Plate.png


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Plated Axe.png Plated Axe Axe
Plated Dagger.png Plated Dagger Dagger
Plated Mace.png Plated Mace Mace
Plated Pistol.png Plated Pistol Pistol
Plated Scepter.png Plated Scepter Scepter
Plated Sword.png Plated Sword Sword
Off hand
Plated Focus.png Plated Focus Focus
Plated Shield.png Plated Shield Shield
Plated Torch.png Plated Torch Torch
Plated Warhorn.png Plated Warhorn Warhorn
Plated Greatsword.png Plated Greatsword Greatsword
Plated Hammer.png Plated Hammer Hammer
Plated Longbow.png Plated Longbow Longbow
Plated Rifle.png Plated Rifle Rifle
Plated Short Bow.png Plated Short Bow Short bow
Plated Staff.png Plated Staff Staff



  • Once a Plated weapon skin is obtained, it unlocks a collection to upgrade into the Machined version of that weapon.

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