Glorious armor

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Glorious armor
Glorious armor (light) human female front.jpg Glorious armor (medium) human female front.jpg Glorious armor (heavy) human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Glorious armor is a level 80, PvP-exclusive Exotic armor set that can be acquired from a Glorious Armor Box by completing the final tier of the Glorious Reward Track in Structured PvP.



Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Glorious Crown.png Glorious Crown Glorious Cap.png Glorious Cap Glorious Plate Helm.png Glorious Plate Helm
Shoulders Glorious Epaulets.png Glorious Epaulets Glorious Shoulderguards.png Glorious Shoulderguards Glorious Pauldrons.png Glorious Pauldrons
Coat Glorious Raiment.png Glorious Raiment Glorious Brigandine.png Glorious Brigandine Glorious Breastplate.png Glorious Breastplate
Gloves Glorious Armguards.png Glorious Armguards Glorious Wristplates.png Glorious Wristplates Glorious Gauntlets.png Glorious Gauntlets
Leggings Glorious Leggings.png Glorious Leggings Glorious Legguards.png Glorious Legguards Glorious Legplates.png Glorious Legplates
Boots Glorious Footgear.png Glorious Footgear Glorious Shinplates.png Glorious Shinplates Glorious Wargreaves.png Glorious Wargreaves

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Armor class Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots

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