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The Legacy of Dashface Megaritz[edit]

Approximately three thousand and ninety-two moons ago, Dashface Megaritz was a Monk of some sort. He and his Warrior friend, Puk Grum, defeated two generals and the secretive divinity for which they despoiled. Attempting to repeat this feat, Dashface destroyed Primordus' first general.

Though historians have at this time discovered few clues to Dashface's demise, many currently believe that he overextended himself in the fight against Primordus' second general. Others claim that he choked on a Drake Kabob. Regardless of the means of death, all agree that a party wipe ensued.

Dashface's remains are interred beneath the Scrying Pool at the Eye of the North. He was survived briefly by his wife, Jin, and tag-along vicarious entity, Razah.

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