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My mini collection


Ambient Scenes, Living World and /dialogue Page[edit]

Please join the Dialogue Pages Project!

  • User:Kymtastic/SandboxDialogue - Sample of a chronological NPC/dialogue page
  • User:Kymtastic/SandboxDialogueMS1 - A WIP of Marjory's Season One /dialogue page that will hopefully only be in stasis for a day or two (as of July 28, 2014), as I know there are category tags like "text errors" that this page connects to.


I'm currently obsessed with the idea of getting the voice-over writing the recognition it deserves. My ultimate goal is to logically document Player Chatter in a way that makes it easy to transcribe onto smaller pages (race, profession) as well as having the phrases collected en masse, similar to/inspired by Glastium's PC Voice chart.


There's some beautiful code on GW2Wiki that has the appearance of no longer being supported by their original authors. That's where I come in. Because I am desperately afraid of stepping on people's toes when it comes to user code, I am reluctant to edit their templates directly, thus why I've made the following pages. Original authors may then take up my edits as they like. Each template below contains the original author's info so you can go get overwhelmed by their talent on their User Pages.


  • My Games Tumblr
  • I posted screenshots on my personal Tumblr under the Guild Wars 2 tag. Alas, that means the link will also take you to any and all things tagged Guild Wars 2 in my Tumblr. But! This game is awesome and I have amazing taste, so it's clearly worth it. Newer GW2 nonsense will be here here.