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Profession Icons[edit]

User Fam Profession Icons 20px.png

v2 example with wiki 'medium' colours: (Also fix to Untamed icon.)

User Fam Profession Icons 20px Example.png

Today's Dailies[edit]

Tomorrow's Dailies[edit]

Ascended Trinkets[edit]

Slot Item Map Cost
Necklace Mist Pendant.pngMist Pendant Fractals 100 Pristine Fractal Relic + 2 Integrated Fractal Matrix
Coral Choker.pngCoral Choker Siren's Landing 125 Orrian Pearl + 3,000 Unbound Magic
Blood Ruby Pendant.pngBlood Ruby Pendant Bloodstone Fen 125 Blood Ruby + 3,000 Unbound Magic
Jade Pendant.pngJade Pendant Lake Doric 125 Jade Shard + 3,000 Unbound Magic
Fire Orchid Garland.pngFire Orchid Garland Draconis Mons 125 Fire Orchid Blossom + 3,000 Unbound Magic
Ring Mist Band (Infused).pngMist Band (Infused) Fractals 100 Pristine Fractal Relic + 2 Integrated Fractal Matrix
Difluorite Band.pngDifluorite Band Sandswept Isles 100 Difluorite Crystal + 2,000 Volatile Magic
Blood Ruby Band.pngBlood Ruby Band Bloodstone Fen 100 Blood Ruby + 2,000 Unbound Magic
Black Ice Band.pngBlack Ice Band Bitterfrost Frontier 200 Fresh Winterberry + 2,000 Unbound Magic
Gilded Orchid Band.pngGilded Orchid Band Draconis Mons 100 Fire Orchid Blossom + 2,000 Unbound Magic
Accessory Mist Talisman.pngMist Talisman Fractals 100 Pristine Fractal Relic + 2 Integrated Fractal Matrix
Multifaceted Difluorite Earrings.pngMultifaceted Difluorite Earrings Sandswept Isles 150 Difluorite Crystal + 4,000 Volatile Magic
Sparking Petrified Wood.pngSparking Petrified Wood Ember Bay 150 Petrified Wood + 4,000 Unbound Magic
Black Ice Earring.pngBlack Ice Earring Bitterfrost Frontier 300 Fresh Winterberry + 4,000 Unbound Magic


Astralaria Progress

Weapon master[edit]

See also: Weapon Master#Notes
  • Trident: Guardian, Forewarned, 30kills/min
  • Spear: Guardian, Forewarned, 30kills/min
  • Speargun: Thief, Forewarned, 30kills/min
  • Pistol: Thief, Stealing Light, 150kills/min (piercing shots)
  • Shortbow: Thief, Stealing Light, 170kills/min (Auto + Cluster Bomb)
  • Rifle: Thief, Stealing Light, 90kills/min
  • Torch: Ranger, A Vision of Darkness, 34kills/min (bonfire on autocast, can alt-tab)
  • Warhorn: Necro, Stealing Light, 65kills/min (Death Shroud + 4 every ~25 secs, active)
  • Shield: Mesmer, A Vision of Darkness, 34kills/min (shield 5, with Chaotic Interruption Chaotic Interruption to reduce cooldown)