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  • The V stands for 5. It's still pronounced 'Vee'. :)

Personal Projects[edit]

  • Originally I was going to devise a site with the cheapest means of acquiring every skin in the game. That's fallen by the wayside, but I still maintain an interest in skins and fill in info where I can.
    • I find weapons more fascinating than armor, and I'm more focused on updating them.
  • I have crafted HOPE, partly because I am interested in alchemy, partly because I like the skin. I've added notes and filled out information on each of the collection items which will hopefully make the process more transparent for anyone who comes after. :) I also keep a close eye on the various components and try to keep notes on any bugs current.
  • Mystic Forge, wardrobe and API research. I haven't found anything that will make me rich, but I do dig up the occasional oddity. Hopefully I can find some use for the various items that go in but refuse to pair up with anything else.
  • Filling out missing CoE articles.
  • Fixing red text.
  • Fixing other red text.
  • Update environmental weapon articles.
  • Pondering life's mysteries.
  • Having fun with statistics.

Sariel's Forum Drinking Game[edit]

  1. Post *takes a drink* when any of the following threads/posts appear:
    1. Dead Horse begging topics for stupid shit:
      1. Mounts (deprecated)
      2. Guild Housing (deprecated)
      3. Capes (deprecated)
      4. Craftable Precursors (deprecated)
      5. Dueling
      6. How do I get gold?
      7. Open world ganking
      8. First-person view (deprecated)
    2. Excessive player privilege
      1. "I am owed..."
      2. "Don't you dare change the value of..."
      3. "Slap in the face"
      4. Unwarranted anger masquerading as overwrought self-pity
    3. Ellen Kiel is Satan/Evon Gnashblade is the second coming of Jesus fucking Christ
    4. Slamming the door
      1. "I quit."
      2. "This is the last chance..."
      3. "I'm only playing til Game B come out."
    5. Trigger phrases
      1. "Play any way you want"
      2. "Immersion"
      3. "Viable"
  2. Only one *takes a drink* per thread; if someone else posts it, there is no need for you to do so.
  3. Avoid taking a drink off posts in the "Players Helping Players" forum unless they demonstrate egregious greed or asininity.
  4. All rules are flexible.