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Owena is a resident of the Hamlet of Annwen.



My living companion is insufferable! I have asked him four times to tend to the windows. They are misshapen and unsightly. He promised me he would have it done by the time I returned home today.
Talk more option tango.png
I assume it wasn't done.
Of course not! He also didn't do the cleaning I asked him to do or the errands I told him to run. Must I do everything? I had to step out for fresh air before I put aphids on his pillow or something.
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You should talk to him about it.
I have, on multiple occasions. I've written up a list of his duties. But all he wants to do is compose poetry. Poetry! The world is in turmoil, and he wants to write about birds flitting about in the trees.
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Sounds obnoxious. Good-bye.