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Drop Rate Research

Collect data on drop rate of mobs for farming purposes


Please feel free to add your name here if you are helping or want to help.


The {{SDRH}}, {{SDRL}}, and {{SDRF}} templates are designed to provide a standard format for inputting and displaying drop rate data. These templates will generate line totals, grand totals, and percentages automatically. This removes the burden of users manually calculating the percentages or using excel sheets. Keep in mind the wiki is not designed to be a pseudo-spreadsheet, so issues may arise with what parameters are passed and how the numbers are calculated.

In some cases, this template is not suitable for research, such as coin amount received from rewards or how an item varies in the amount received. Users will need to create separate tables and topics to address these subjects.

Drop mechanics[edit]

Most items that dropped are determined by loot tables and drop percentages rather than simply having a fixed drop rate. Some item packages use more than one loot table to determine what you get from opening them. Whenever you open a Wintersday Mystery Box, it randomly drops items selected from 2 tables, each having specific items and their own drop rates.[1]

Spading techniques[edit]

Farm a specific mob, meaning the same mob name & same level (note: some mobs in a single area may have different levels). Record what your level is, what your effective level is, where the mob is located, how many of that mob you've killed, what drops, and how many of each item drops. Things such as armor, weapons, and dye can be ignored as they have a random chance of dropping on all mobs I believe. It would also be wise to have 0% magic find, as it may skew the data.

Level Scaling[edit]

One of the things we first need to determine is if your level changes the drop rate for a mob.


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List of drop rate pages[edit]

Watch out for people recording things like receiving "25" in the 25x Drop of Glue from opening 1 gift when they should be logging it as "1" in the 25x Drop of Glue column.