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The Standard Drop Rate Line template.


This template produces each user's data row of a drop rate research table. (i.e. It provides the total number of entries provided by the user and the value for each entry.)

It won't work without first using the {{SDRH}} (the header template) which initialises parameter names.



This template will use whichever parameter names have been specified in the drop rate header, using the s1 ... s50 shortcuts.
If shortcuts are not specified, then the parameter names default to the names of the items specified by the unnamed parameters 1 ... 50.
Unnamed parameter 1
The user's signature. ~~~
The user specified total. This will change the footer to calculate the average items received each time a box/bag/gift/thing is opened.


Empty parameters may be omitted, i.e. there is no point using <predefined parameter3> = 0

{{SDRL| <predefined parameter1> = 5 | <predefined parameter3> = 2 | <predefined parameter4> = 1 | ~~~ }}