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Kill the Mordrem Maw

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Kill the Mordrem Maw is the main repeating event in the Claim the Guild Hall meta event. This event will spawn either one, or multiple Mordrem Maws (depending on the group size) throughout the map. Each wave of Maws has a limited time to be defeated. Failing to kill the Mordrem Maws will increase the Air Toxicity Level bar. If this bar is filled up, all players will be removed from the instance and need to restart.

In order to succeed this portion of the meta-event, 5 waves of Mordrem Maws will need to be defeated.


  • Mordrem Maw
  • Event bar.jpgEvent cog (tango icon).png
  • Toxins released in 3:30





If Lost Precipice

Sarah McKenzy: You made it! Excellent. Welcome to the Lost Precipice. Be sure to watch your step at the cliff's edge!

or If Gilded Hollow

Kogga: Welcome to the Gilded Hollow. Impressive, eh? Well it'll be even more impressive up close.
Kogga: Here's what we know. Mordremoth and his minions completely control the area.
Kogga: The maws are spewing toxic gas that attracts other Mordrem.
Kogga: The vines also seem to be absorbing it, keeping us away from the center.
Kogga: If we're able to eliminate them before they produce more toxic gas, we may be able to weaken the walls.
Kogga: The maws have to build up toxins before they can release them, so we need to act fast!
Kogga: However, if too many toxins are released, we'll be forced to retreat.

If Lost Precipice

Kogga: Ready? Right, then! Go out there and clean this place up! No more Mordrem!
Sarah Mckenzy: Don't Worry, it'll be a cake walk. Coordinate your attacks, split up if needed, and just keep moving.

If Gilded Hollow

Kogga: Still, chin up! I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle. Just work together and stay mobile.
Kogga: Got that, everyone? Hope so. Now get out there and kick those creeps out of our cavern!

If Lost Precipice

Sarah McKenzy: Take out the vintenders quickly and expose the breachers!
Sarah McKenzy: Remember— if even one maw from this wave survive, we'll be that much closer to forced retreat!

If Gilded Hollow

Kogga: Kill the entire wave of maws to weaken the vine walls!
Kogga: It may help to split up and be ready to cover different areas.
Kogga: If there are multiple maws surfacing, split up and cover them all.
Kogga: Alternate paths might allow to traverse the area faster.