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Claim Your Guild Hall

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Claim Your Guild Hall is the last event in the Claim the Guild Hall meta event. In order for it to complete, a ranking member of the claiming guild must interact with the crystal to claim the hall.


  • Click on the crystal to claim the guild hall.



Gilded Hollow[edit]

Kogga: Wow! You did it! I knew you could. I have a great feeling about this partnership.
Kogga: What is this strange crystal? It's unlike anything I've ever seen, and I'm a certified amateur archaeologist. Certified!
Kogga: Based on the way those Mordrem protected it, this must have been the reason they were clustered here.
Kogga: It should be safe to touch the crystal. Maybe it will respond to you?
Kogga: Touch the crystal and we can begin rebuilding this place. (Repeats until the crystal is interacted with.)

Lost Precipice[edit]

Sarah McKenzy: I knew it! I knew you could do it. Like I said, you're the best.
Sarah McKenzy: Look at this crystal! It's incredibly beautiful. I'd love to study it.
Sarah McKenzy: It was clearly the Mordrem's focus here, but why? What is its significance? What does it do?
Sarah McKenzy: Something isn't right. Why are the signs of Mordremoth's presence still so pronounced? This is no good.
Sarah McKenzy: I can do some archaeological research on this crystal, but if it was the focus of those things...
Sarah McKenzy: I'm glad we've driven off Mordremoth's influence for now, but it's only temporary. Try touching the crystal?
Sarah McKenzy: Here, try something. Touch the crystal. See if you can utilize its magic to cut off Mordremoth's influence.
Sarah McKenzy: Touch the crystal and we can begin rebuilding this place. (Repeats until the crystal is interacted with.)
Following the cutscene after interacting with the crystal
Sarah McKenzy: I was right! I was right, and you made it happen! The dragon's corruption has pulled away from this place.
Sarah McKenzy: Now the real work begins. Time to start cleaning up and settling in. I can't wait to get started!

Windswept Haven[edit]

Hashim: I can't think of anyone I'd rather have here with me, Commander.
Hashim: This crystal is like nothing I've seen before. It seems to be linked to the ambient magic of the haven.
Hashim: I hope the Mordant Crescent's magic siphoning hasn't damaged the crystal.
Hashim: Touch the crystal and see if you can figure out how it works, what it was for...
Hashim: We did it! If your guild wants to claim this place, you need to touch the crystal. (Repeats until the crystal is interacted with.)

Isle of Reflection[edit]

Following the cutscene after interacting with the crystal
Minister Nguyen: Oh, congratulations! I knew your guild was up to the challenge. Bian told me everything.
Minister Nguyen: Between us, she thinks very highly of you. And let's just say, she certainly has standards.


  • Players who were not part of, or not representing, the guild which has just claimed their Guild hall will be kicked out of the instance. They are free to re-enter the hall a few moments later as a Guild hall instance.