Documenter of Secrets, Under 3

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Documenter of Secrets, Under 3 is a Super Adventure Box: Quality Testing achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Documenter of Secrets, Under 3 Super Adventure Box: Quality Testing 5Achievement points
Find all the red baubles in the World 3 Test Zone.
Reward: Generation One Chest.pngGeneration One Chest

Objectives: 3 objectives in total
  • Red Bauble #1
  • Red Bauble #2
  • Red Bauble #3
Found 3 Red Baubles in the World 3 Test Zone 5Achievement points


Objective Location Notes


Red Bauble #1[edit]

Can be found in the first room behind a waterfall. To get there, run towards the green bauble in the pool of water on the cave floor. After falling into the pit, follow the cave and jump onto the bouncing mushroom at the end. Follow the path until you re-enter the main cavern, and turn left to see a green bauble on a scaffolding. From the bauble, jump directly into the waterfall into a secret cave where you will find the first chest.

Red Bauble #2[edit]

After completing the cave with a crystal in the flowing water, turn back from checkpoint #2. A secret cave is located behind the large waterfall flowing into the void. The entrance is quite tall, and is located just left of the central white stream of the waterfall. Activating the checkpoint is highly advised, as a missed jump or hitting the edge of the waterfall will result in death. The top of the waterfall has a slight overhang, and the landing is a small distance behind the waterfall. Inside this cave is a short jumping puzzle with crystals, and the second chest at the end. For the second and third crystals, stand near the third crystal whilst facing backwards to shoot the second, then hit the third in melee. The last two crystals need to be shot because they are out of reach (shoot the fourth before jumping onto the timed disappearing rock, and shoot the fifth whilst standing on the rock summoned by the fourth). Following the path up getting by some snakes and spider you will find a crossroads. The path right will spawn oozes but the path left will lead you to a river. Following this river on the right side will lead you to the chest.

Red Bauble #3[edit]

After checkpoint #2, cross the long bridge, climb the dirt slope and cross the second bridge. Instead of jumping over the gap left by a collapsed small bridge, look left towards the rocks below and aim for the nearest platform. Traverse the rocks to the elevated platform near the start of the room, and continue up the ones below the waterfall. Collect the green bauble here and walk into the waterfall, into a secret cave. Jump up through the cave, dropping down after collecting the blue bauble at the top to a lower platform. Pass through the waterfall once more and jump to a small cave with a spider on your left. Very precise platforming is necessary to cross the following large cavern and reach the third chest.


Youtube.png Documenter of Secrets, Under 3 has a video on YouTube.
  • Previously, players could jump over the wooden walls before Checkpoint #3 to drop down to the elevated platform for Red Bauble #3, however in 2024 an invisible wall was added to block this. Now, players can get there by jumping down from one of the stalactites in the room with the rope bridges over the waterfall.
  • The coin adventure in the spider cave with red #3 can be used as a checkpoint to save backtracking. Simply start the adventure before continuing and if you fall, click "restart" before it times out to be ported back inside.