Sentinel Rifle

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Sentinel Rifle

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double-click to consume.
A sentinel's rifle loaded with an experimental bullet for use against branded creatures.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Sentinel Doomsheath Sentinel Doomsheath Lake Desolann Iron Marches Copper coin


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Aimed Shot.png One Shot 0.5½ 60 ...
1 Redirect Arrow.pngSkill.png One Shot You are out of ammo
2 Rifle Butt.png Rifle Butt 0.25¼ 3 Knockback your foe with the butt of your rifle.


If another of these consumables is used while already holding one before using One Shot, the bundle will be dropped and re-equipped without refunding it first. If One Shot was used, the consumable will also be consumed without re-equipping it.
Does 350 Defiance Bar damage but only dazes enemies without a Defiance Bar for 2 seconds
  • Does 350 defiance bar damage.
  • The vendor who sells it is only available for some time after successful completion of the event Protect the Sentinel engineers as they fix their tower.
  • One Shot can rarely backfire, knocking down the user for 3 seconds, and disabling all current weapon skills for 60 seconds.
  • One Shot deals 0 damage to creatures of level 78 or higher.
  • The damage dealt by One Shot varies greatly depending on the target creature. The following is an incomplete list showing a few tested creatures.
  • The bundle produced by this consumable can be brought underwater without it being lost, but none of its skills can be used while underwater.
  • If the bundle produced by this consumable is dropped before firing One Shot, the consumable is refunded.
    • Using Rifle Butt or not does not affect this.
    • Traveling to a different map or instance while holding the bundle will destroy it without refunding it.
  • This item became unusable in Fractals of the Mists and Dungeons with the October 27, 2020 game update.


  • One Shot plays a unique damage animation when hitting branded.