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Acrid Sink

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Acrid Sink

Point of Interest
Caustic Spur
(The Desolation)
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Acrid Sink.jpg
Acrid Sink

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Acrid Sink is a point of interest located of the bottom of the Caustic Spur canyon in The Desolation. The ground around it is covered with Sulfurous Haze and some packs of sulfurous oozes can be found in the sulfur pools nearby.

Getting there[edit]

The closest waypoint is
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 The Darklands Waypoint. Traveling a short distance directly west from this waypoint leads to the southern end of the Caustic Spur, which lies high above the Acrid Sink. Gliding or flying north down through the canyon leads right to this point of interest.