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Fire Orchid Seed

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Fire Orchid Seed

Item type
Account Bound
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Plant Fire Orchid Seeds as part of your journey to become closer to the magic of the ancient druids.

— In-game description

Fire Orchid Seeds are planted in patches of fertile soil as part of The Wayfarer's Henge achievement chain. Can also be traded in to Supplymaster Hanjo for Fire Orchid Blossoms after completing A Henge Away from Home achievement.


Currency for[edit]

Item Level Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Fire Orchid Blossom.png Fire Orchid Blossom Supplymaster Hanjo Supplymaster Hanjo Mariner Landing Draconis Mons Fire Orchid Seed Requires the achievement A Henge Away from Home.

Related achievements[edit]

  • Flashpoint.png Flashpoint: Sprouting the Druid StoneContinue to cultivate your relationship with nature through tributes to the druid spirits of Draconis Mons. (3Achievement pointsBlooming Druid Stone)
  • Flashpoint.png Flashpoint: A Henge Away from HomeYour dedication to nature is proving fruitful, but there is still much to do. Continue to show your respect for Melandru's druids and help bring their magic out into the world again. (3Achievement pointsThe Wayfarer's Henge)