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Linnea is a norn NPC that resides at the Hangrammr Climb in the Wayfarer Foothills. She can trigger an event in which she asks heroes to search around for tufts of strange hair. After this event she will be convinced that the hair is from a yeti and will commune with the Hare Spirit to ask for help in tracking this beast.

The Spirit will then send forth the jackalope, triggering an event in which the heroes can help Linnea chase after the Jackalope to track down the "yeti".

After this event she becomes a merchant that sells items related to the Spirit of Hare and the Jackalope.

[edit] Events involved in

[edit] Items offered

Item Type Rarity Cost
Potion of Young Karka Transformation.png Potion of Jackalope Transformation Tonic DMasterwork 1 Silver coin20 Copper coin
Carrot.png Rabbit Offering Food BBasic 16 Copper coin
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