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To commemorate her tenth year of rule, Queen Jennah gifted the polearm-wielding Watchknights to the people of Divinity's Reach as symbols of humanity's renewed bonds of community, duty, and shared destiny. She unveiled them at the opening ceremony of her jubilee ceremony, where one was tested against Logan Thackeray in combat, and the "enemies" in the Crown Pavilion were in fact mostly Watchknights under the effect of mesmer magic.

During the closing ceremony, Scarlet Briar took control of the Watchknights and used them to create voice-controlled Twisted Watchwork creatures. After this, the Watchknights were temporarily taken out of use to reassess their security measures. It was later discovered that their susceptibility to sabotage was due to their similarity to the steam creatures. The human monarch must have modeled her Watchknights on the steam creatures and used some of the same parts, leaving them vulnerable.

The Watchknights were re-released during a fundraising campaign to aid the recently destroyed Lion's Arch as the Crown Pavilion was re-opened for a time. Though human engineers, overseen by individuals such as Lord Faren, ensured that they could not be hijacked again by individuals like Scarlet Briar, the Watchknights have not made an appearance in Divinity's Reach.

It was later revealed that Scarlet Briar had been interested in the Watchknights during their creation, well before Queen Jennah's jubilee, but was turned away - however, this remained a point of contention. The short-lived lifespan of using the Watchknights has most recently been used by the White Mantle as propaganda in Divinity's Reach against the Krytan government.


Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1
Opening Ceremony
Closing Ceremony