Selfless Potion

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Selfless Potion

Item type
Account Bound
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A player displaying the halo effect.

For those who put others before themselves in this time of need.

— In-game description

Selfless Potion is a tonic that grants players the Selfless Potion effect, which gives the player a halo, for one hour after consumption. The effect can be canceled by consuming the potion while already under its effects.


Vendor Location Cost
Mordrem Researcher Durmand Priory (location) 10 Gold coin + 
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
Heirloom Lost and Found Vigilant Hills; Stormbluff Isle; Bouldermouth Vale
250 Found Heirloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin
Mordrem Researcher Eullo Zinder Slope 10 Gold coin + 
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
Mordrem Researcher Gnash Halrunting Plains 10 Gold coin + 
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
Mordrem Researcher Marivelle Viathan Lake 10 Gold coin + 
450 Mordrem Bloom.png


The halo model is barely visible on asura characters, and is completely obscured by certain hairstyles and most headwear.

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