Selfless Potion

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Selfless Potion

Item type
Account Bound
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A player displaying the halo effect.

For those who put others before themselves in this time of need.

— In-game description

Selfless Potion is a tonic that grants players the Selfless Potion effect, which gives the player a halo, for one hour after consumption. The effect can be canceled by consuming the potion while already under its effects.


Vendor Location Cost
Heirloom Lost and Found Vigilant Hills, Stormbluff Isle, Bouldermouth Vale
250 Found Heirloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin
Mordrem Researcher Durmand Priory (location) 10 Gold coin + 
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
Mordrem Researcher Eullo Zinder Slope
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin
Mordrem Researcher Gnash Halrunting Plains
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin
Mordrem Researcher Marivelle Viathan Lake
450 Mordrem Bloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin


The halo model is barely visible on asura characters, and is completely obscured by certain hairstyles and most headwear.

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