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Celestial Sigil

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Celestial Sigil.png

Celestial Sigil

Req. level
Account Bound
40 Laurel.png and 50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png or
5 Gold coin and 12 Guild Commendations
Game link

A prized possession of guilds in ancient times.

+41 Power.png Power
+41 Precision.png Precision
+41 Toughness.png Toughness
+41 Vitality.png Vitality
+41 Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
+41 Ferocity.png Ferocity
+41 Healing Power.png Healing Power
Defensive Infusion Slot Unused Defensive Infusion Slot

— In-game description

After the devastation of the Guild Wars, the human kingdoms of Kryta and Ascalon banned guilds from owning land, and as such, guilds could only build their halls on one of the many islands that fell under the jurisdiction of Cantha. By decree of Emperor Kisu, the Celestial Ministry required proof that any guild who wanted a hall was favoured by the Five Gods, and the Celestial Sigil was deemed to meet that condition.

It was said that the Celestial Sigil was granted to those brave and skilful enough to hold the Hall of Heroes and earn the blessings of the gods. To reach the Hall of Heroes, legends held that guilds must pass through the Underworld itself.

[edit] Acquisition

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