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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event. For the achievement category, see Triple Trouble (achievements).

Triple Trouble

Bloodtide Coast
Event type
Meta event
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Triple Trouble is a meta event that takes place in the Bloodtide Coast.


Triple Trouble Quick Guide[edit]

It is highly recommended to find a pre-organized group with multiple commanders to ensure that this event will be completed successfully, such as through LFG, dedicated guilds, Discord communities, or websites.

This quick-guide is here for players who are joining the event as it begins and need a short overview. Triple Trouble is a world boss event that involves killing the amber, cobalt, and crimson wurm heads. All three heads must be decapitated in the same one minute, and then killed in the following two minutes for the event to succeed. If a head is decapitated or killed too early or late, the entire event will fail.

  • Participants- Each head cannot be damaged until a mechanic is completed, after which, a short damage phase is possible. Due to the mechanics of each head, an absolute minimum of 40 people (for very well-coordinated groups) is needed for the event to succeed, however, a minimum of 60 is recommended.
  • Targets- The crimson, amber, and cobalt wurm heads are the targets for the event. The wurm attacks with knockback AOEs, knockback AOEs coupled with long-range smaller AOEs, and can spit out eggs and husks. Other mobs will spawn during the event. Killing these mobs as a group before running mechanics can make completing the mechanics faster and easier. In addition to attacks from mobs, players should be aware of the wurm's attacks.

Event Phase Quick Guide[edit]

  • NPC escort- Players escort NPCs to each of the wurm sites, killing eggs along the way. Killing eggs as a team helps prevent hatching. Hatched eggs will spawn mobs that deal large amounts of damage.
  • Wurm decapitation- After reaching their site, each group will need to complete mechanics to damage and decapitate their wurm head. Groups should coordinate to ensure that heads are decapitated in the same minute. After a wurm is decapitaed, a wurm head will spawn, but cannot be damaged until all other heads are decapitated.
  • Wurm killing- After all three heads are decapitated, players can damage and kill the wurm heads. This must be done in the same two minutes.

Event Mechanic Quick Guide[edit]

  • Crimson - Filling the red, yellow, and blue Phytotoxin Extractor with red, yellow, and blue phytotoxin clouds. Pick up clouds by running through them on foot or with a mount. Stand on extractors to fill them. A damage phase is possible when all extractors are full.
  • Amber - Shooting the wurm with 20 Bile-Coated Harpoon Shot from the harpoon obtained within Amber's stomach. To get the harpoon, players must stack on and kill the abomination, which will just them a wurm attractant buff. Players then stack by the wurm to be eaten. Once eaten, players take the harpoon from the [Unfortunate Adventurer] on the ground and fire the harpoon at the [Pyloric Valve] in the wurm until it has no more health, which will cause the wurm to vomit out the players when the valve health hits 0. Once out of the wurm, players have a single chance to fire their harpoon at the wurm. Weapon-swapping or attacking other objects with the hapoon will cause players to lose their harpoon.
  • Cobalt - Feed the wurm 20 Unstable Powder Kegs by stacking kegs next to it. Kegs are obtained from three kegs spots around the wurm. The active keg spot changes every 2 minutes. The starting keg spot is random. To avoid kegs despawning while people are trying to bring them over, it is easiest to just keep track of what time the wurm ate the last batch of kegs, and wait 2 minutes to bring any more over.

Full Walkthrough[edit]


It is highly recommended to find a pre-organized group with multiple commanders to ensure that this event will be completed successfully, such as through LFG, dedicated guilds, Discord communities, or websites.

View the quickguide section above for a short overview of the event if you need to learn event mechanics shortly before starting an event. Triple Trouple is a world boss event that runs multiple times a day. This event requires significantly more coordination compared to other world bosses, as the event involves killing three separate wurm heads (crimson, cobalt, and amber) on different areas of the Bloodtide Coast map at the same time. Each of the three groups will need to coordinate to escort an NPC to a wurm site, and then decapitate and then kill the three wurms (Cobalt, crimson, and amber) within a time limit. Failure of just one of these groups to decapitate or kill their wurm within the time limits will cause the event to fail. Event success requires three commanders or group leaders who can coordinate with each other; a method to control eggs and husks spat out by the wurms; and cooperative groups.

Event Time Limits[edit]

After all three NPCs have been escorted to a wurm site, a wurm head will spawn at each site. Players will have 14 minutes to decapitate the wurms. Regardless of the time left on the event timer when the first decapitation takes place, after the first head has been decapitated, the timer will reset to 1 minute and players will have one minute to decapitate the other two heads. Because of this, each group needs to coordinate their decapitation timing to ensure that all three wurms can be decapitated in the same minute. Being unable to do this will cause the event to fail. After a wurm is decapitated, the decapitated head will move around the site and cannot be damaged until the other heads are also decapitated. When all three are decapitated, players will then have 2 minutes to fully kill all of them.

  • Example of timer functions 1: The first group decapitates their head when the event timer is at 14:00. The event timer then resets to 1:00. The last head is decapitated wheh this new timer is at 0:10. The timer then resets to 2:00. All three heads are then killed in the last two minutes. The event succeeds!
  • Example of timer functions 2: The first group decapitates their head when the event timer is at 14:00. The event timer then resets to 1:00. One head is unable to decapitate before the timer runs out. The event fails.
  • Example of timer functions 3: The first group decapitates their head when the event timer is at 14:00. The event timer then resets to 1:00. The last head is decapitated wheh this new timer is at 0:10. The timer then resets to 2:00. One group cannot kill their head before the timer runs out. The event fails.


Because three groups of people are needed for this event, a large number of people are required. Most successful groups will have at least 60 players in total between the three groups, but it is possible to complete the event with as few as 40 players (not recommended) with very well-coordinated groups. You can use the LFG system to find event organisers under the World Boss section. It is recommended that you join the groups at least 5 minutes before the starting time; so the organisers know how many players they have and to allow them to explain their strategy to you. Some groups fill more quickly, so you may want to join them earlier before the map is full. Amber requires 20+ people (30+ is better). Cobalt requires 10+ people (15+ is better). Crimson requires 10+ (15+ is better). Lowest count numbers assume that all players are well-coordinated and follow commander instructions. Normally, not every player will follow instructions, so more people are ideal.

Each group will require a leader who is familiar with the event mechanics to give instructions to players in their group and coordinate with other group leaders to ensure the wurms are decapitated and killed at the right time. At a bare minimum, the group leader should always know the mechanics for the wurm they group they are leading and be able to coordinate with other group leaders. Ideally, the group leader is someone who also has a commander tag, as this allows them to make large squads, make broadcasts, place markers, and easily keep track of the total number of people at their wurm site. If a group leader does not have a commander tag, using a mentor tag can be used to at least designate them as the group leader and help show players their location. The group leader should be decided on before the event starts. They are responsible for giving instructions to players during the event (commanding), and coordinating with the other group leaders. For more informatino on leading/commanding a group, see the commanding section.

Event Phase: NPC Escort[edit]

Once the event starts, a 5-minute timer will begin, indicating that the NPC escort will start soon. When it finishes, the NPCs, Crusader Yipp, Zepp, and Xutt will walk out of a nearby tent and begin their conversation. Their conversation will last approximately 1 minute.

Shortly after, they will split off into three directions for the escort event. All three escort events must be successfully completed before the next part can begin. The wurms will not spawn until all three escorts are completed. Each escort event has achievements that can be earned.

Primary article: Investigate the rumors of wurm activity in Challdar Gorges

-Crimson Wurm

Primary article: Investigate the rumors of wurm activity in Whisperwill Bogs

-Amber Wurm

Primary article: Investigate the rumors of wurm activity on Jelako Beach

-Cobalt Wurm

During the escort event, players on all three escorts will encounter wurm eggs and mushrooms (Nutrient). Players can work together to kill wurm eggs before they hatch in order to gain the Scrambler achievement on any of the escort events. Eating the Nutrient during the escort can provide players with a maximum of one absorbtion of the wurm drool attack later when the wurms are active and attacking. Eating more Nutrient at once will not provide any benefit, and will give the player a debuff that causes a stun effect.

The other escort achievements are gained shortly before players kill their last group of eggs and arrive at thr wurm sites. Players on the crimson escort earn the Phytotoxin Enthusiast achievement by walking through the red phytotoxin cloud on the escort. Players on the amber escort earn the Wurm Bait achievement by killing an abomination on the escort and standing in the white circle that appears where it dies. Players on the cobalt escort earn the Wurm Kleptomaniac achievement by taking a bottle of rum near a pirate NPC on the escort. More information on achievments can be found in {{Triple Trouble (achievements)}}.

Once players escort the NPCs to their sites, the NPCs will walk to the center of the site and place down a probe. During this time, they may be attacked by hostile enemies and killed, stalling the event until they are revived and can place down their probe.

If Crusader Yipp is the last one who has not placed down their probe, the event will stall.

Once all three probes have been placed, they will activate, attracting the wurm heads. One wurm head will spawn at each site and the main fight will begin.

Event Phase: Decapitating the Wurms[edit]

Primary article: Defeat the crimson head of the great jungle wurm
Primary article: Defeat the amber head of the great jungle wurm
Primary article: Defeat the cobalt head of the great jungle wurm

All Wurms will have Slick Skin.png Slick Skin, making it immune to all damage. Each Wurm will have a different method/mechanic for removing this buff temporarily.

  • Crimson: Filling Phytotoxin Extractors - Red, yellow, and blue phytotoxin clouds will spawn at the site. Players must run through the clouds to pick them up and stand on the three nearby Phytotoxin Extractors with their respective phytotoxin to fill the extractors. Extractors can only be filled with phytotoxins of the same color. Extractor colors, locations, and if they are full/incomplete can be seen via minimap icons during the event.
  • Amber: Firing Harpoons - Players must shoot the wurm with 20 harpoons gained after being eaten by the wurm. To be eaten by the wurm, players in a group must kill the abomination that spawn with the Wurm Bait Attractant buff and stand on the white circle where the abomination dies to gain the Attractant buff. They then run to the wurm in a group to be eaten. Once eaten, players will be in the wurm's stomach, where they will begin taking damage. Players must interact with the Unfortunate Adventurer in the ground, take the harpoon, and use the harpoon to shoot the Pyloric Valve in the wurm's stomach. When the valve health reaches 0, players must stop attacking and wait to be ejected from the wurm. During this time, they must hold onto their harpoons. Once the players are ejected from the wurm, they will have one remaining chance to use their harpoon and must shoot the wurm with 20 Bile-Coated Harpoon Shots from their harpoons. Each harpoon can only be used for one shot and weapon swapping will cause the harpoon to be dropped, so players should be advised to not weapon swap while waiting for the wurm to spit them out, and to only fire their harpoon at the wurm once spit out, which will use their harpoon. 20 shots are needed to start a damage phase on the wurm, so amber's group should try to ensure that at 20 people are eaten by the wurm, pick up harpoons, and fire at the wurm. Ideally, more than 20 people should get harpoons, as some players typically accidentally drop their harpoons. After being ejected from the wurm, players will also be given a debuff that prevents them from immediately getting the Attractant buff from the abomination again. If not enough harpoons hit the wurm, players will need to wait until they can get the Attractant buff again, go back into the wurm to get more harpoons, and use the new harpoons to finish off the remaining harpoon hits. While it's technically possible to use this method to start burn phases on amber with under 20 people, it should be avoided because the multiple harpoon cycles takes an extended period of time, which may cause the event timer to run out before all the wurms can be decapitated. Because pets and minions will frequently attack the Abomination automatically, and because some players may not realize they cannot get the Attractant buff until their debuff wears off and will attack it, it is common for the Abomination to die before it is needed. A new Abomination takes apx 30 seconds to spawn if this happens.
  • Cobalt: Placing Kegs - Kegs will spawn in one of three keg spots around the wurm site. The starting spot is random and the active kegs spot will switch every two minutes during the event. Players must pick up kegs from the active keg spot (visible on the minimap) and stack 20 kegs by the wurm. Feeding the wurm 20 Unstable Powder Kegs at once from the keg spots will allow players to do a short damage phase. Players should note that for every keg that has been placed at the wurm, one keg will disappear 2 minutes later. This means that if players try to place more kegs while kegs are despawning, they may be confused by the keg count dropping and become frustrated. To avoid this issue, it is often easiest to note when the wurm last ate the kegs, and then wait 2 full minutes before asking players to place more kegs. Players must use the 1 skill to place the keg under the red arrow hovering by the wurm. Placing it on the wurm itself or losing the keg by using the "drop bundle" skill will mean the keg is lost.

Once Slick Skin has been removed, the Wurm will fall down and players will have 30-40 seconds to damage it. Players should attack at the base of the wurm as it can be hit twice with most melee attacks there, significantly increasing direct damage. Damage increasing boons such as Might.png Might, Fury.png Fury and Quickness.png Quickness can help to boost damage as well.

For the decapitation phase to succeed, all three heads must be severed within 1 minute of each other. Each group should repeat their mechanics until they are all ready to kill the wurms with the next damage phase, at which point, the group leaders must coordinate to prepare for their last damage phase. If a group is ready before the others, they should wait for them to be ready before completing their mechanic in order to avoid accidentally decapitating their wurm early.

Once the first head has been severed, the timer will be set to 1 minute. If all three heads have not been severed before this timer runs out, the event will fail and players will receive either The Wurm's Bronze Chest (for a single decapitation) or The Wurm's Silver Chest (for a double decapitation) regardless of which Wurm they were at. Heads will burrow into the ground and cannot be damaged after decapitation, until all three are decapitated.

Event Phase: Killing the Wurm Heads[edit]

After all three heads have been decapitated, they will unburrow and attack players, and the timer will be set to 2 minutes. All three heads must be killed within the time limit. Failing to kill any of the severed heads will result in an event failure. The Wurm's Golden Chest will be guaranteed at this point, but an event failure means player do not get the larger Great Jungle Wurm Chest at Firthside Vigil Waypoint.

If all three severed heads have been killed, the event will succeed, and a portal will spawn nearby which will bring players to Firthside Vigil Waypoint, where they may receive their rewards from the Great Jungle Wurm Chest.

Controlling Eggs and Husks[edit]

during the event, at all wurms, the wurm has knockback AOE attacks, long-rang Drool AOE attacks, and will spit out eggs and husks. Eggs aand husks can add to the mobs that spawn on the site and can overwhelm the group if not controlled. It is ideal to have a small group dedicated to preventing them from spawning or destroying them if they spawn.

The wurm can spit eggs on a 45-second cooldown and husks on a 90-second cooldown. These eggs can be destroyed using projectle destruction, reflection or invulnerability at the base of the wurm before the eggs are spat out.

  • If the eggs are not reflected or destroyed before they land, it is recommended to destroy them quickly with direct damage before they hatch into larvae.
  • The husks can only be blocked from spawning using invulnerability at the base of the wurm or where they will land. If a husk manages to land, players focused on applying conditions will help to kill them quickly since they possess a large amount of toughness.

There is a specific spot that must be covered, located in the exact middle of the wurm where it comes out of the ground—this is where all spits originate. Reflects and projectile destruction skills must cover this spot in order to catch any eggs that would be spat out. Players using invulnerability must stand on this exact spot so that egg and husk spits fly into them, effectively stopping the projectiles with their body. (Note: About a third of your screen will be covered by the wurm if you choose to stand inside it.) Preventing these eggs and husk spits is known as blocking. Someone who is blocking can also block the Drool long-range AOEs by absorbing them.

The wurm does spit animations in volleys of three, spitting right, center, and left. A spit will consist of either eggs or husks. For husk spits, the wurm spits out a single husk in each of the three volleys (resulting in three husks total on the site). For eggs spits, each volley will consist of three eggs (resulting in nine total eggs on the site). Note that if a person is standing on the wurm spot to try to block and is not in excatly the right spot, it is possible for them to miss 1/3 or 2/3 of the spit volleys, resulting in only partial blocking, even if they are using their skills at the right time.

Occasionally, the wurm will use both spits (eggs and husks), one right after the other (generally shortly after the fight begins and whenever both cooldowns align). Because the wurm uses the same animation for both the egg spit and husk spit attacks, there is no way to distinguish what will come out whenever a spit occurs. The ideal strategy is to use a short duration invulnerability to "check" what spit it is (since invulnerabilities can catch both eggs and husks) and follow up with a reflect for the remaining volleys (if the spit was determined to be an egg spit) or more invulnerability (if the spit was determined to be a husk spit).

  • If three quick "Invulnerable" messages show up on your screen, then it is an egg spit. Follow up with a reflect/projectile destruction skill or invulnerability.
    • If this was the first spit animation, you must use an invulnerability skill for the next.
  • If only one "Invulnerable" message shows up on your screen, then it is a husk spit. Follow up with more invulnerability.
    • If this was the first spit animation, you may choose to use a reflect or projectile destruction skill for the next spit or another invulnerability.

Alternatively, a player can set up a chat tab with the options "Incoming interrupts" and "Incoming mitigated damage" options selected for combat messages, and watch for the lines "You absorbed Great Jungle Wurm's Disgorge Husk" or "You absorbed Great Jungle Wurm's Spit" for husks and eggs respectively. Players will see a similar message if they absorb the wurm's Drool attacks. If a player has enough applications of invulnerability, they may choose to be invulnerable for the duration of both the husk and eggs spits.

If there is a team dedicated to killing husks as they spawn, players can instead opt to use reflects/projectile destruction on both spits or only the first spit if it was determined that it was an egg spit.

  • If nothing flies out, then it is an egg spit.
    • If this was the first spit, then players may choose to ignore the next one.
  • If husks fly out, then it is a husk spit. Players may choose to ignore the rest of this spit.
    • If this was the first spit, then players must use a reflect, projectile destruction or invulnerability skill for the next spit.

Note: To reiterate: The wurm can spit eggs on a 45-second cooldown and husks on a 90-second cooldown. Removing Slick Skin may cause it to delay a spit, resulting in these timings to shift until they are no longer aligned or switch when either spit can happen.

Players standing within the wurm must take care to avoid all the wurm's spin attacks lest they take a large amount of damage and get flung far away or go downed. Skills that allow players to take the attack without moving are preferred, such as blocks or in-place evades. If dodging or using a skill that evades by displacing your own character (or being flung out by the wurm), players will need to quickly move back into position to be able to effectively use their skills.

A number of classes are able to use different skills to block Drools, Husks, and Egg spits from the wurm. The exact skills and timings used for these will depend on the class, skills, and equipped weapons the player chooses to use. While many classes can only partially block these, some classes, such as Mesmer, are able to block all of them. If a blocker is present at an event, players should try to keep the base of thr wurm clear from mobs, as mobs attacking the blocker can cause them to move out of place.

Leading and Commanding Triple Trouble[edit]

Leading/commanding Triple Trouble requires that commanders know the mechanics for the wurm they are commanding (crimson, amber, or cobalt), and be able to give directions to their group or squad. In addition, commanders must be able to coordinate with the commanders on the other wurm heads to ensure the heads are decapitated and killed at the right time.

Forming Groups[edit]

Because Triple Trouble requires a large number of people and coordination, players should select a commander for each group/squad who can fill the role appropriately. Each commander should then advertise their squad in LFG (Central Tyria: World Bosses) showing the name of the event (Triple Trouble) and the head color they are leading. This should be done before the start of the event to ensure enough people join and allow time for people to get to the correct map instance and move between squads if needed before the event starts. While it is possible to lead a group with a mentor tag, as long as the players in thatgroup know to listen to the commander's directions, having a commander tag is often more practical. Having a commander tag allows the commander to place markers, view large squad numbers and player locations, appoint roles, and broadcast messages. Players with a commander tag can also choose their tag color to help indicate which head they are going to command on (cobalt=blue, crimson=red, amber=orange or yellow). This can be helpful for players who are less familiar with cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) for events, or will be confused by them, especially if there are multiple events on the same map. See the Participants section for information on the number of people required for each group.

Leading the Escort[edit]

Commanders who do the escort with their group can mark the location of the escort achievements and explain escort mechanics along the way. Doing the escort with a group is a good way to gauge how well the group will be able to follow directions later, which can help a commander anticipate problems that may arise during the main event that involves killing the wurms. Commanders can also use the time during the escort to explain the main event mechanics, as there is often not enough time to explain these quickly and answer questions between the end of the escort and the start of the main event.

Giving Main Event Instructions[edit]

It is important that players in the event understand the importance of listening to instructions, as just a few players not following instructions can lead to the event failing. It is also difficult for players to learn the event mechanics simply by following other players, as they may not fully why they are doing things without instructions to clarify this which can lead to confusion. It is recommended that commanders keep their instructions fairly simple, so they can be easily understood and quickly typed. Commanders may choose to pre-write their instructions, so they can quickly copy and paste the text into chat for the event. In addition to basic instructions for the event, commanders should indicate if they are going to use call commands. These are simple, short commands that are fast and simple to type. They can be easily recognized and understood by players, even if those players are not fluent in English, which is the most common language used during Triple Trouble events. Commanders may need to type commands very quickly, to ensure they are timed correctly. If a commander knows they will need to broadcast a specific command soon, it is sometimes helpful for them to pre-type the command call in their chat window so the call can be issued quickly. See the sample commanding instructions section for samples of copy/paste text used during events.

Examples of simple calls:

  • KEGS/ RUN KEGS/ PLACE KEGS: Pick up a keg, run to the wurm and place the keg by the indicated spot next to the wurm
  • ABOM: move to the amber wurm abomination
  • COLORS/ FILL COLORS/ CLOUDS: pick up the colored phytotoxin clouds and bring them to the extractors with matching colors
  • CLEAR/ MOBS: kill mobs that are on the wurm site (does not include the abomination at amber)

Coordinating Decapitation and Killing[edit]

One of the most important roles of a commander is coordinating with the commanders at other wurm heads to ensure the heads are decapitated in the correct timeframe. This can be done in guild chat, map chat, or even voice chat. It is recommended to do this in a chat like map chat where all players involved in the event can see it. This helps players understand what is going on, which helps the event run smoothly, and helps other players learn how coordination works if they eventually want to command their own events at some point. Coordination for decapitation should start when a damage phase is completed and a commander knows that their next damage phase will decapitate their wurm. This is estimated based on how much damage the group was able to do during each previous damage phase/ burn (ex: If a group burns the wurm health to 60% at the first burn and then 30% at the second, the commander knows that each burn can likely do 30-40% damage, so they likely only need one more burn. To be safe, they might also do another very short "mini" burn to get the wurm health to 15 or 10% if they feel it is needed). At this point, the commander will announce that they are ready to prepare for their last mechanic and last burn. Often, this is announced by a call like "CRIT".

When all three heads have announced that they are ready to coordinate their last mechanic, typically, the amber commander will suggest a time to start this last mechanic, as amber's mechanic takes the longest to complete, and may be delayed if they need to wait for a debuff to go away or wait for a new abomination to spawn. Their suggested time is the time they plan on starting their mechanic by moving to the abomination to kill it.

If the other commanders agree to this time, amber will announce when they are starting their mechanic (typical map call: ABOM/ABOMMING), and announce when they have been eaten (typical map call: AMBER IN/ AMBER EATEN) When amber's group has been eaten, cobalt can generally start picking up kegs and placing them by the wurm and crimson can fill their extractors. For groups that listen well, the crimson commander may tell their group to fill two extractors, and just leave the third colored extractor empty while they are coordinating the final mechnic time. This can be helpful for smaller groups of people on crimson, as it means that they only need to fill one extractor when it's time to complete their last mechanic. Commanders can also announce when they are starting their last decapitation damage phase (typical map call: COBALT BURNING). This is most helpful for amber, as there is a chance that even if enough players are eaten by amber and spit out with harpoons, some may drop their harpoons or miss, resulting in them being unable to start their damage phase.

If the last mechanic is coordinated well, all three heads will be able to start their final decapitation damage phase around the same time, enabling all the heads to be decapitated in the time limit. Once decapitated, commanders may choose to have players stack on their tag, as this limits where the wurm will go when it starts attacking in the final kill phase.

Commander Troubleshooting[edit]

  • Participant count: Commanders should communicate with other commanders before the event starts to make sure each group has enough people, and ensure that players understand the event will fail if the groups do not all have enough people. Some commanders may choose to remove their groups from LFG when they have or nearly have enough people, which helps funnel players into groups that still need more people. Players may also choose to start a squad that serves as a "taxi squad" to allow people to gain access to the correct map instance in time for the event. It can be helpful to have a player already in a commander's squad amek a reminder about Triple Trouble on some other well-populated maps to attract more players if needed.
  • Filled map instances: Because Triple Trouble requires a large number of people and it does not take place in a dungeon instance, it is very common for the game to start putting players in different map instances as more players try to move to Bloodtide Coast for the event. Many players are not familiar with how map instances work and may need to be reminded to click the commander in the squad and select "join in Bloodtide coast" to get to the correct map instance if they are in another map instance. Likewise, some players who are not familiar with the event can simply try to join the event map without joining a squad, often resulting in them not being on the correct instance. Players stuck on these overflow maps may not even be aware they are on the wrong map instance. In these cases, it can be helpful for a player already in the commanders squad to log out to the character selection page and back in to try to access the overflow map while still staying in the squad. They can then let other players on the wrong instance know to join the squad via LFG or send squad invites, and then return to the right map instance when done. As the map fills, players may encounter a message that tells them the map is already full. In many cases, simply retrying to join the map instance enough times will fix this, and players can join the squad at the wurm site if they get to the map late. In other cases where extremely large groups of people are stuck on overflow maps, it is better to simply start a second event on the overflow map.
  • Following directions: Often, commanders will run into players that do not understand the event mechanics or will not follow directions. Giving directions during the escort part of the event can help a commander see if this may be a problem later, and give them a chance to remind players to follow directions before the main part of the event starts. Sometimes people will choose not to follow directions or will deliberately do things incorrectly to make an event more difficult. In these cases, sometimes the best thing a commander can do is take note of this, expect that it will continue happening, and try to take it into account when planning out their calls and coordination.
  • Commander coordination troubleshooting: commanders should communicate to always ensure other commanders know their progress. This helps coordinate the event. Sometimes it helps to remind people of this before the event starts.
  • Final mechanic coordination troubleshooting: sometimes players will start a mechanic too early (such as starting to place kegs early, killing an abomination early, or filling extractors too early). In cases that cause a final decapitation damage phase to start too early, commanders may wish to just tell the group not to attack the wurm and tell the other commanders they need to "STOP/RESYNC" to recoordinate a new final mechanic time. In some cases, there will not be enough time left in the event to re-coordinate, in which case the commander can tell the other commanders to try to complete their mechanics as fast as possible. This can provide a chance of completing the mechanic in time in some cases.
  • Bored players: In some events, players may get bored while waiting for other heads to be ready for their final mechanic, or may simply run on autopilot and keep running their own mechanic and forget to pay attention to instructions. Both can result in problems that can cause problems with coordinating the last mechanic (ex: filling extractors too early and having to wait for the next damage phase, killing an abomination early and having to wait for another, stacking kegs early and needing to wait to avoid keg despawns). To help avoid this, during long pauses, commanders can instruct players to help clear mobs, or prepare for their final mechanic my stacking at a certain spot. If a blocker has been preventing husk and eggs spits from the wurm, a commander may also request that the blocker not block the next few spits, which cam give players something to attack while they wait. Any method of entertaining and keeping the attention of a group while they wait is considered a good one.
  • First-time commanding: In terms of selecting a group to command, the best group is simply the one that the commander knows the mechanics on. Amber has the most complicated mechanics, followed by cobalt and crimson, in terms of explanations. Amber also requires the largest number of people to complete the mechanic and has the most parts where things can go wrong, causing a mechanic attempt to fail.

Sample Commanding Instruction Text[edit]

Sample Simple Amber Commanding Instructions[edit]

You're in the amber wurm squad, where you can get the wurm barf and wurm bait achievements.

Escort: escort the NPC to site and kill eggs along the way.

Attack eggs together to kill them before they hatch for the scrambler achievement.

Kill the abomination on the escort and stand in the white circle when it dies for the bait achievement.

Mechanics: To damage amber, we need to shoot the wurm with 20 harpoons that we get from being eaten.

To be eaten, we need to kill an abomination to get the Attractant buff. When I say STACK, stack at the abomination, but don't attack yet.

When I say ABOM, kill the abomination to get the buff. do not kill it early.

When you have the buff, stack at the wurm. When 20 people are stacked, we'll get eaten.

Once eaten,turn around and interact with the dead NPC to get a harpoon.

Shoot the harpoon at the pyloric valve in the wurm until the health is at 0.

Then HOLD. Do not shoot again or weapon swap, as this will cause you to drop the harpoon.

The wurm will spit us out. You will have one harpoon shot left. FIRE at the wurm.

When I say IN, attack the wurm.

When I say OUT, stop attacking and leave it alone.

When I say CLEAR, clear mobs, except the abomonation.

Dodge orange AOE fields.

Quick guide:

STACK:stack on me, but don't attack

ABOM:stack on abom and kill it

HARPOON:get harpoon and attack valve

HOLD:don't attack or weapon swap (wait)

FIRE:fire harpoons at wurm

IN:attack wurm

OUT:stop attacking

CLEAR:clear mobs

Sample Simple Cobalt Commanding Instructions[edit]

You're in the cobalt wurm squad, where you can get the demolitionist and kleptomaniac achievements.

Escort: escort the NPC to site and kill eggs along the way.

Attack eggs together to kill them before they hatch for the scrambler achievement.

Take the rum on the escort when I tell you to get the kleptomaniac achievement.

Our wurm has a buff that we can temporarily get rid of to attack and damage it.

At cobalt we do this by getting it to eat kegs.

There are three spots for kegs to spawn at the site.

The starting spot is random, and they the spot will switch every two minutes.

The active keg spot will have an icon on your minimap.

When the event starts, we will stack at the keg spot, but not pick up kegs yet.

Do not place kegs early, as this causes them to despawn later.

When I say run KEGS, pick up a keg and place it in the marked spot by the wurm.

You can use mounts, but don't teleport, fall in the water, or get hit, because you'll drop your keg.

We need to get 20 kegs there at once.

When we have enough kegs, the wurm will eat them.

I'll say IN and you can attack the wurm.

When I say OUT, stop attacking.

If I say CLEAR, clear the mobs around us.

Dodge orange AOE fields.

Quick guide for Cobalt:

STACK:stack on my tag

KEGS:place kegs at the wurm

IN:attack the wurm

OUT:stop attacking the wurm

CLEAR:kill spawns

Sample Simple Crimson Commanding Instructions[edit]

You're in the crimson wurm squad, where you can get the phytotoxin achievements.

Escort: escort the NPC to site and kill eggs along the way.

Attack eggs together to kill them before they hatch for the scrambler achievement.

Run through the phytotoxin cloud on the escort for the escort phytotoxin achievement.

Each wurm has a mechanic to complete before we can deal damage.

On crimson we fill three extractors by "running colors".

Colored phytotoxin clouds will spawn at the wurm site: red, blue, and yellow.

Run through COLORS to pick them up and go to matching colored extractors to fill them. You can use mounts to pick up colors.

The extractor icons will be on your minimap. We can damage the wurm when they are all full.

I'll say IN and you can attack the wurm. When I say OUT, stop attacking.

If I say CLEAR, clear the mobs around us.

Dodge orange AOE fields.


Towards the end, we will coordinate with the other heads.

If I say NO BLUE, you can fill red and yellow extractors, but NOT blue.

When I say FILL BLUE, you can fill blue.

(Note that commanders who choose to partially fill extractors while preparing for their last mechanic may not always choose blue extractor to leave empty.)

Quick guide for Crimson:

COLORS:fill extractors

NO BLUE:fill only red and yellow

FILL BLUE:fill blue

STACK:stack on me

IN:attack wurm

OUT:stop attacking the wurm

CLEAR:clear mobs


Event schedule[edit]

Event Start Countdown Zone Area Waypoint link
Evolved Jungle Wurm 01:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 04:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 08:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 12:30 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 17:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 20:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion


Before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: Even though it appears the local energy probes have ceased functioning, we need to continue investigating the great jungle wurm.
Crusader Yipp: Hmm. Are we sure that those probes are what stirred up the wurm activity to begin with?
Crusader Xutt: Nooo, I'm sure it was a coincidence that each of us was attacked by a great jungle wurm at each probe site.
Crusader Yipp: I thought we were sent here to investigate, not leap to conclusions. Correlation does not imply causation.
Crusader Zepp: (sigh) We should restart the probes at each site to test the theory. I'll head back to the southeast bogs.
Crusader Yipp: And I'll head back to the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head
Crusader Xutt: (groan) Great, I get to swim back across the bay to that creepy beach again.
Crusader Zepp: It's settled then! Let's meet back here to compare notes.
Crusader Zepp: Splitting up to continue our research at each site was only logical. I wonder if the wurm will make an appearance.
Crusader Yipp: I'll move faster without those two idiots along.
Crusader Yipp: Forward!
After the meta event ends
Crusader Zepp: So, the thrumming of the energy probes does indeed appear to cause wurm attacks.
Crusader Xutt: I told you.
Crusader Yipp: I don't know what's worse, the great wurm attacks or this clod actually being right about something.
Crusader Zepp: (chuckle) Either way, I think the relationship between probes and wurms is worthy of further investigation.
Crusader Xutt: Not to mention the three heads all being part of one great jungle wurm.
Crusader Yipp: (snort) That's— Hmm, that would explain a lot.
Crusader Zepp: A three-headed great jungle wurm is an unprecedented discovery.
Crusader Yipp: Let's take a short break before we head back to the sites.
Crusader Xutt: Or, you know, a long break.

During The Origins of Madness[edit]

Before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: We need to come to a consensus. Which site are we investigating, exactly?
Crusader Yipp: What does it matter? We need to get there. Now.
Crusader Xutt: Shocking - We're fighting again.
Crusader Yipp: Enough! Let's just pick a site and get to it.
Crusader Zepp: I have a better idea: divide and conquer. Three of us, three sites to investigate. We compare notes later.
Crusader Yipp: Fine. I'll take the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head.
Crusader Xutt: So I get to swim clear across the bay to that creepy beach. Fantastic.
Crusader Zepp: Let's learn what we can and rendezvous here after.
Crusader Zepp: Splitting up was only logical, provided we don't find something unexpected at the sites.
After the meta event ends
Crusader Xutt: Tell me I was the only one of us unlucky enough to run into a great wurm.
Crusader Yipp: Not at all. One attacked my site, and I was lucky to get away alive.
Crusader Zepp: So there was a great wurm at all three sites. Astounding. I think we should report back, get reinforcements.
Crusader Xutt: I like the sound of that.
Crusader Yipp: No, we're not done here. This may not be over yet.
Crusader Xutt: I don't like where this is going.
Crusader Yipp: I say we need to find out if those wurms are really gone before we retreat.
Crusader Zepp: You've convinced me. We've gained invaluable insights here in the field: there are three connected threats.
Crusader Xutt: (sign) I guess this is what we signed up for. Can we at least rest here for a moment before we rush back in?

Related achievements[edit]


  • The wurms themselves have approximately 800,000 health each.
  • Harpoons and powder kegs have interact priority over player-created bundles.
  • All Vigil crusaders must reach the probe sites for the great jungle wurms to appear.
  • Players can only get the achievement for killing a wurm head by killing the decapitated head, not just be decapitating the wurm.
  • The great jungle wurms will only terrorize the coast when an attempt to kill the wurms has failed.


  • Triple Trouble was released as part of The Origins of Madness.
  • The three Vigil Crusader NPCs that appear in the event are triplets.
  • Near the Firthside Vigil waypoint there is a stone tablet which commemorates the world first Triple Trouble kill.