Defeat the amber head of the great jungle wurm

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Defeat the amber head of the great jungle wurm

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the amber head of the great jungle wurm is a level 55 group event that occurs in Bloodtide Coast. The objective is to defeat one of the heads of the Great Jungle Wurm world boss.


  • Time limit: 14:00
  • Amber Great Jungle Wurm
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Wurm food: x/20


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 5,013 Experience.png 266 Karma 62 Copper coin
Silver 4,261 Experience.png 226 Karma 53 Copper coin
Bronze 3,760 Experience.png 200 Karma 46 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 55 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


When Amber spawns, it will start with Slick Skin.png20 Slick Skin (20 stacks). As long as Amber has at least one stack of Slick Skin, it will be immune to all incoming damage.

Shortly afterwards, an invulnerable Plague Carrier Abomination will get eaten by Amber, giving a hint as to what is necessary to remove Slick Skin.

During the fight, Amber will spit the following things. They must be dealt with quickly or groups may find themselves overrun.

Removing Slick Skin[edit]

Around the field will be a Plague Carrier Abomination. After killing it, a white circle will appear. Players standing within will receive Wurm Attractant.png Wurm Attractant. While having this effect, at least 20 players must wait near the great wurm in the area indicated by a red arrow. After a brief time, the wurm will burrow and reappear, swallowing all players with the attractant.

Players should use Stability.png Stability and other defensive effects and skills to help ensure that other players, and themselves, are not knocked out of the area before being swallowed. Going downed or being hit by the Veteran Jungle Wurm's drool, Champion Partially Digested Husk's drool throw, or Amber's Drool will also cause players to lose their Wurm Attractant. As long as Amber has burrowed, it will consume all players standing on the spot with the attractant regardless of how many players are standing there. (i.e. less than 20 players can be swallowed)

Once inside of the wurm's stomach, players will be afflicted with Foul Odor.png Stomach Acid, which will cause players to lose health every second. Players will need to pick up the Unfortunate Adventurer's harpoon (located behind them) and use it to destroy the Pyloric Valve. Other attacks may be used to destroy it faster, but players will need to hold onto a harpoon before it spits everyone out. When the valve is destroyed, players should not drop the harpoon, as it is necessary for removing Slick Skin.png Slick Skin. Players will be forcefully expunged from the wurm's stomach and players still holding a harpoon will be affected by Corrosion.png Corrosion, making you able to fire it one last time. All players that have been spat out by Amber will also gain Upset Stomach.png Upset Stomach, which will make them unable to gain the attractant until the effect has expired.

  • Note: Teleport skills activated before being eaten will automatically go on cooldown once you enter Amber's stomach.

Once players have been expelled, they must find a spot with a clear line of shot at Amber. The final shot from the harpoon may be blocked by enemies in the way, causing it to be wasted. If all 20 stacks of Slick Skin.png Slick Skin have not been removed after all players have fired, players must wait until Upset Stomach.png Upset Stomach has worn off before trying to reenter Amber's stomach to get another harpoon.

Once all 20 stacks have been removed, Amber will fall down and be susceptible to damage for 30 seconds. After which, it will return upright and regain 20 stacks of Slick Skin.png20 Slick Skin. Players will need to repeat the process until its head has been severed.

Once its head has been severed, it will burrow underground and the timer will be set to 1 minute if it was the first one to be decapitated. If the other two Great Jungle Wurms are not decapitated within this time limit, the event will fail.

Severed wurm head[edit]

Once all three Great Jungle Wurms have been successfully decapitated, they will all unburrow and the timer will be set to 2 minutes. All three severed heads must be defeated in order for this event to succeed.

After the final head has been defeated, a portal will appear nearby which will bring players to Firthside Vigil Waypoint where players may claim their rewards.

Event Schedule[edit]

Event Start Countdown Zone Area Waypoint link
Evolved Jungle Wurm 01:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 04:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 08:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 12:30 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 17:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 20:00 ... Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion






On event start
Crusader Zepp: Under attack!
While attacking the great jungle wurm
Crusader Zepp: No use. Its skin's too thick with slime.
Crusader Zepp: Our attacks are just sliding off its slick skin..
While the great jungle wurm eats players
Crusader Zepp: Not much for the wurm to eat here, outside of the Risen— Aha!
When great jungle wurm reaches 25% health
Crusader Zepp: Don't let up. We've got this.
Crusader Zepp: How do you like that, wurm?
Event failure
Crusader Zepp: No... That's all right. We know how to win next time.
Crusader Zepp: So close. Okay. Next time for sure.
Crusader Zepp: What a remarkably vile experience.
Crusader Zepp: I hope my brothers didn't encounter something like this. I'd better rendezvous with them and share what I've seen.
Event success
Crusader Zepp: We did it! Wurm down!
Crusader Zepp: What a vile, yet fascinating, creature.
Crusader Zepp: I've better return to my brothers to compare notes.
Alternate dialog on event success
Crusader Zepp: Wait until I tell my brothers about this!


  • Although it rarely occurs, Plague Carrier Abomination may not drop Wurm Attractant field upon explode, causing delay for groups trying to get the effect.
  • Players affected by lag or network latency may be teleported inside Great Amber Jungle Wurm's stomach multiple times upon getting swallowed and not get ejected with the rest of the group, leaving affected players in the stomach to be digested.
  • Decapitating all the great jungle wurms in exactly the same time (within a few seconds of each other) will not stop the timer from the first phase, causing two timers to countdown and forcing event failure as the first timer runs out. To avoid this issue, ensure the great jungle wurms are decapitated at staggered times.

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