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This article lists notable fansites for Guild Wars 2:

List of fansites

Notable fansites

These are sites that have been determined to be popular, highly publicized, or otherwise considered by the community to be very useful.

Name Type Language Other information
GW2BLTC GW2BLTC Trading Post tracker enEnglish
GW2Spidy GW2Spidy Trading Post tracker enEnglish
GW2TP GW2TP Trading Post tracker enEnglish
Discretize Discretize Tool enEnglish Database of guides and builds for fractals as well as a Fractal God calculator and a gear optimizer.
GW2 Crafts GW2 Crafts Tool enEnglish Guides for leveling up crafting professions calculated either as fastest or cheapest.
GW2 Efficiency GW2 Efficiency Tool enEnglish API-based tool for everything.
GW2 Mists GW2 Mists Tool enEnglish Database of WvW builds, World matchup overview and other WvW related content.
GW2 Ninja GW2 Ninja Tool enEnglish Event timer, calculator, chatcode generator.
GW2 Skills GW2 Skills Tool enEnglish Build editor.
GW2 Timer GW2 Timer Tool enEnglish Event timer, interactive map, Gem Store promotions, upcoming in-game events, daily achievements, trading post tracker.
MetaBattle MetaBattle Tool enEnglish Database of viable builds for PvE, PvP, and WvW.
SnowCrows SnowCrows Tool enEnglish Database of benchmarks, guides and builds for raids as well as a gear optimizer.
GuildJen GuildJen News and info enEnglish Guides, walkthroughs, videos, galleries for weapons, armor, and other items News and info GermanGerman Streams, weekly podcast, tools.
Jeux OnLine Jeux OnLine News and info FrenchFrench
Le Bus Magique Le Bus Magique News and info FrenchFrench
Wartower Wartower News and info GermanGerman Articles

Non-English wikis

These are sites that serve the same purpose as this wiki, but in a language other than English. They are also unofficial (i.e. not hosted by or affiliated with ArenaNet or the official Guild Wars 2 wikis).

Primary article: List of non-English wikis

Criteria for inclusion

This page lists only notable fansites, i.e. those that meet one or more of the criteria below.

  1. Official Guild Wars sites with a Guild Wars 2 counterpart.
  2. Has been strongly recommended by members of this wiki's community.
    • The page has been suggested on the talk page.
    • The community has expressed consensus that the site is worth adding to the main list.
    • The community continues to find that the site is active, maintained, and relevant for inclusion.
  3. Has been highlighted by ArenaNet for its purpose or activities related to Guild Wars 2.

Other considerations

  • Each site listed must have a dedicated Guild Wars 2 section.
  • We do not link to any guild pages per se. We do link to them, however, if they prove useful for the community as a whole.
  • We do not include every possible fansite, because there is too little value to the community in presenting a long, unstructured/unvetted list.
  • Although popularity (as measured below) is an important tool for determining relevance, sites must also remain up-to-date. Two useful measures of popularity are:

Other notes

  • Suggested sites will remain on the talk page, even if they are not selected for inclusion above.
  • Some sites that appear popular (see above) will sometimes be left out of the list, if they do not remain current.

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