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This template displays a map icon for a vendor or similar NPC service. For other map icons, use {{map icon}}, for more generic icons {{icon}}.


{{vendor|misc|<icon name>|<page name>}}
unnamed parameter 1
Required. A vendor type or an NPC name in the case that this NPC is the only vendor of it's type. See the tables below for all of the available options.
If this parameter equals misc, the template then accepts a second (the icon) and third parameter (the link target). Note that this should only be used for vendor icons missing from the list below. For a generic icon, consider using {{icon}} instead.
unnamed parameter 2
Optional. The name of an icon file without File: prefix. Will be ignored, unless the first parameter is misc.
unnamed parameter 3
Optional. A page name that the icon should link to. Will be ignored, unless the first parameter is misc.


Some parameters have alternatives that generate the same icon:

Using the misc option:

  • {{vendor|misc|Event Caravan.png|Dolyak mount vendor}}Event Caravan.png

Possible values[edit]


Parameter Icon
activity Activity (map icon).png
armorsmith Armorsmith (map icon).png
Bank (map icon).png
birthday vendor
Birthday Vendor.png
black lion aesthetician
makeover preview
Makeover Preview (map icon).png
black lion chest merchant
black lion statuette
Black Lion Chest Merchant.png
collections instructor Black Lion Collections.png
commander trainer Commander Trainer (map icon).png
cultural armorsmith Cultural Armorsmith (map icon).png
cultural weaponsmith Weaponsmith (map icon).png
dodge instructor Dodge Instructor (map icon).png
dungeon merchant Dungeon Merchant (map icon).png
ectoplasm vendor Ectoplasm vendor.png
equipment repairs
Repairs (map icon).png
festival merchant
Festival Vendor (map icon).png
gardener Gardener (map icon).png
gathering merchant Gathering Merchant (map icon).png
infusion merchant Infusion merchant (map icon).png
laurel merchant
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png
karma merchant
Karma Merchant (map icon).png
karma armorsmith Karma armorsmith.png
karma weaponsmith Cultural Weaponsmith.png
merchant Merchant (map icon).png
mystic forge attendant Mystic Forge.png
renown npc
renown heart
Renown Heart (map icon).png
scout Scout (map icon).png
speed boons Speed Boon.png
trading post Trading Post (map icon).png
weaponsmith Weaponsmith (map icon).png
mordrem researcher Mordrem Researcher.png
potion merchant Potion merchant (map icon).png
sab Super Adventure Box merchant (map icon).png
bl weapons Black Lion Weapons Specialist (The Vaults) (map icon).png


Parameter Icon
arena proprietor Arena Proprietor (map icon).png
basic decorations Basic Decorations (map icon).png
blue team coordinator Blue Team Coordinator (map icon).png
favor broker Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
free-for-all coordinator Free-for-All Coordinator (map icon).png
green team coordinator Green Team Coordinator (map icon).png
guild anthems Guild Sound Technician (map icon).png
guild armorer Armorsmith (map icon).png
guild banker
guild bank
Guild Banker (map icon).png
guild commendation trader Guild Commendation Trader (map icon).png
guild decoration trader Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
guild enhancements Guild Enhancements (map icon).png
guild hall explorer Guild Hall Explorer (map icon).png
guild initiative notary Guild Initiative Notary (map icon).png
guild miniatures Guild Miniatures (map icon).png
guild registrar Guild Registrar (map icon).png
guild requisitioner Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
guild sound technician Guild Sound Technician (map icon).png
guild trader Guild Trader (map icon).png
guild treasurer Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
guild weaponsmith Weaponsmith (map icon).png
invulnerability coordinator Invulnerability Coordinator (map icon).png
master scribe Master Scribe (map icon).png
market proprietor Market Proprietor (map icon).png
mine proprietor Mine Proprietor (map icon).png
mining boost Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
obstacle coordinator
arena obstacles coordinator
Obstacle Coordinator (map icon).png
red team coordinator Red Team Coordinator (map icon).png
resonance technician Resonance Technician (map icon).png
tavern proprietor Tavern Proprietor (map icon).png
war materials Guild Initiative service (map icon).png
workshop proprietor Workshop Proprietor (map icon).png
war room proprietor War Room Proprietor (map icon).png


Parameter Icon
master armorsmith Armorsmithing Station (map icon).png
master artificer Artificing Station (map icon).png
master chef Cooking Station (map icon).png
master huntsman Huntsman's Station (map icon).png
master jeweler Jeweling Station (map icon).png
master leatherworker Leatherworking Station (map icon).png
master tailor Tailoring Station (map icon).png
master weaponsmith Weaponsmithing Station (map icon).png

PvP / WvW[edit]

Parameter Icon
arena vendor Arena Vendor.png
ability-point reset merchant
world ability master
Ability-Point Reset Merchant (map icon).png
armorsmith (wvw)
armor master
Armorsmith (map icon).png
combat master Combat Master (map icon).png
heroics notary
hero challenges
Heroics Notary (map icon).png
WvW Instructor (map icon).png
karma merchant (wvw)
equipment trader
karma trader
Karma Merchant WvW (map icon).png
league vendor League Vendor (map icon).png
tournament vendor Tournament Vendor.png
pvp instructor PvP Instructor (map icon).png
pvp server browser
pvp browser
PvP Server Browser (map icon).png
siege master
siege master (pvp)
Siege Master (map icon).png
siege merchant
siege master (wvw)
Siege Merchant (map icon).png
skirmish merchant
skirmish supervisor
Battle Historian (map icon).png
warclaw vendor
Warclaw (map icon).png
weaponsmith (wvw)
weapon master
Weaponsmith (map icon).png

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Parameter Icon
itzel mastery vendor Itzel Mastery Vendor (map icon).png
exalted mastery vendor Exalted Mastery Vendor (map icon).png
nuhoch mastery vendor Nuhoch Mastery Vendor (map icon).png
aurillium collector Aurillium Collector (map icon).png
crystalline ore collector Crystalline Ore Collector (map icon).png
faction provisioner Faction Provisioner (map icon).png
pact supply network agent Pact Supply Network Agent (map icon).png
legendary crafting Legendary Crafting (map icon).png
level-80 mentor
level 80 mentor
Level-80 Mentor (map icon).png

Path of Fire[edit]

Parameter Icon
bounty hunter
Bounty Board (map icon).png
casino blitz reward information Casino Blitz Reward Information (map icon).png
mastery insight Mastery point (Path of Fire).png
transport facilitator Transport Facilitator (map icon).png

Living World[edit]

Parameter Icon
tier 01 zephyrite merchant Tier 01 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
tier 02 zephyrite merchant Tier 02 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
tier 03 zephyrite merchant Tier 03 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
tier 04 zephyrite merchant Tier 04 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
tier 05 zephyrite merchant Tier 05 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
tier 06 zephyrite merchant Tier 06 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png
fossilized-insect collector Fossilized-Insect Collector (map icon).png
bandit crest collector Bandit Crest Collector (map icon).png
cryptobotanist Black Lion Collections.png
unbound magic collector Unbound Magic Collector (map icon).png
volatile magic collector Volatile Magic Collector (map icon).png
siren's landing merchant
living world merchant
lw merchant
Vendor Star (map icon).png
living world npc
living story npc
lw npc
Living Story (map icon).png
music NPC Music vendor.png
rally provisioner Rally Provisioner Collector (map icon).png
quaestor Quaestor (map icon).png


Parameter Icon
hot air balloon
festival travel
Hot Air Balloon.png
halloween vendor
Halloween Vendor (map icon).png
lunar new year Lunar New Year Vendor.png
wintersday Event Wintersday.png
dragon bash
dragon bash vendor
Dragon Bash.png


Parameter Icon
battle historian Battle Historian (map icon).png
elementalist trainer Elementalist trainer (map icon).png
engineer trainer Engineer trainer (map icon).png
guardian trainer Guardian trainer (map icon).png
mesmer trainer Mesmer trainer (map icon).png
necromancer trainer Necromancer trainer (map icon).png
ranger trainer Ranger trainer (map icon).png
retrainer Retrainer.png
thief trainer Thief trainer (map icon).png
warrior trainer Warrior trainer (map icon).png


  • Some icons seem to be identical, but have different links, for example Weaponsmith (map icon).pngCultural Weaponsmith and Weaponsmith (map icon).pngWeaponsmith. This is most likely due to the same icon being used for different vendors/services in-game.
  • There are two reasons for some icons having multiple parameter alternatives:
    • One of them is a shortcut for the other, for example birthday for birthday vendor. This is usually so that it's not necessary to remember whether some NPC is called merchant or vendor.
    • The text displayed when hovering over the map icon in-game differs from the NPC's name or tag. For example hovering over the icon Bank (map icon).png says Banker in-game, but the NPCs are tagged with [Bank]. Another example would be the Arena Obstacles Coordinator being called Obstacle Coordinator when hovering over his icon.