Old Grendich Aqueduct

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Old Grendich Aqueduct

Old Grendich Aqueduct map.jpg
Map of Old Grendich Aqueduct

Point of Interest
The Blasted Moors
(Diessa Plateau)
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Old Grendich Aqueduct.jpg

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The Old Grendich Aqueduct is a point of interest in The Blasted Moors. Deep under the ruins of the ancient city of Grendich is this abandoned sewer system. Great blood-borne energies from the surrounding area collect down here. Many spirits and other vile creatures patrol this silent corridor.

Getting there[edit]

The POI lies underground, which can be entered in three ways. One way is to drop into a well north-by-north-east of the Blasted Moors Waypoint. The second way in is a passage in the ruins NW of the Moors; go up the steps on the southeast side of the ruins; when you pass the first wall, turn left and walk in. The third is via an underwater tunnel from Blackblade Lake.



Ambient creatures

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Silver Ore