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Disambig icon.png This article is about the type of consumable. For type of creature, see Fish.

Fish are a special type of consumable that is obtained by Fishing.

Most produce cooking ingredients called "Fish Fillets" when consumed, but a few of them also produce various amount of karma instead. Fish Fillets can also be used as a currency for some items.

List of fish[edit]

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Related achievements[edit]

The majority of fish are requirements of the collection achievements in the Fishing (achievements).png Fishing achievement category.

All the End of Dragons Elite Specialization Collections require catching one fish each:

Additionally, Fish Fillets obtained by consuming fish are used in other achievements including:

Related crafting[edit]

Fish Fillets[edit]

Other Meat[edit]

Related cooking recipes[edit]

The following cooking recipes require Fish Fillets:

Related novelties[edit]

The following eternal tonics can be obtained from the Mystic Forge with Flawless Fish Fillets: