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Doppelganger Mini

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<Character Name> Mini

Generic Character Model (humanoid heavy).jpg

(This NPC's appearance may change randomly.)

Elon Riverlands
(Crystal Desert)

Doppelganger Minis are small foes created by the Crazed Doppelganger boss that spawns as part of The Path to Ascension meta event in Elon Riverlands. It will randomly select players in the area and become a clone of them, mimicking appearance and specialization.


Crystal Desert

Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber (80)
Red Boss.png Shift beyond reality to confront the crazed doppelganger (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

Stolen skills
  • None


  • The Doppleganger will take on an exact appearance of the copied player, and will be named <Character Name> Mini.
  • Wields the ascended weapon corresponding to the chosen player's Path of Fire specialization collection.

Related achievements[edit]

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